Review: The Dom of Peculiar Places (Sons of Outlaws #2) by James Cox

Twenty years after the Outlaw MC Series…

their children may not know the cost of war but they will know terror when mars starts to reject humanity... Roark is Mayhem’s son and earned his place in the club. He’s a dominant that has a constant eye on the new prospect, Henry. Roark is horny and needs to pound something, be it flesh or a warm hole. He’s looking forward to bossing the new guy around. It all goes to hell when the quake rocks mars and they’re trapped underground. As if being trapped isn’t bad enough, they overhear a plot to kill an MC member. This Dom of Peculiar places has limited time to get free, get laid and save the day.

A prospect that joins the club for unexpected reasons meets a biker that has an unhealthy obsession with him and things will get dirty. Get the lube, bring the blindfold, don’t forget the restraints. Roark doesn’t play, he takes control. And when Roark finally gets Henry under him, not even a dying planet will stop him from finding his sticky, happy ending.

The Dom of Peculiar Places is the second in the Sons of Outlaws series and the second series set on Mars with the Outlaw MC. The Sons of Outlaws picks up with the second generation of badass bikers and I’m digging on this series as much as I did the original. So far, it’s not as intensely hardcore as the Outlaw MC’s, but that makes sense since we were dropped in with the original Outlaws in the middle of a revolution. But the tension is building in this series as Mars itself seems to be rebelling against its inhabitants. I like how the pacing is different in the second set so the series feels familiar and unique at the same time.

In the Dom, we get to know Roark, Mayhem’s son and the prospect, Henry. Roark has become enamored of Henry but has kept him at arm’s length because Roark is really not a relationship kind of guy. Or so he tells himself at the beginning. That doesn’t mean he can’t ogle those sweet prospect buns though. And, oh Roark. He’s exactly the kind of alpha character I love to read about. Like the rest of the Outlaw MC, both first generation and second, Roark is a total badass. Imagine if Mayhem and Whip could mix up their DNA, they would get a Roark. Mayhem is still Mayhem and thankfully there’s Torrin, who’s all reasonable and parental giving Mayhem the balance he needs to be a big softy underneath all the badassery.

That’s what I love, the big softy underneath. Roark definitely seems to be the one in control here, but in reality it’s his feels for Henry that end up being the driving force in Roark’s life. It was really cute actually how Roark kept trying to talk himself out of his feelings for Henry, like, as if that could be a thing. Roark is still all tough guy and Dom-ish, but his actions are sweet as pie when it comes to Henry’s care and comfort. I swooned repeatedly over the little moments and Henry is a pretty smart cookie and he could see through Roark pretty easily too.

Henry was a great character. He’s had a tough life and his health is suffering with the environment on Mars. An earthquake puts the two together alone initially and while I wouldn’t necessarily call a natural disaster a meet-cute, that’s basically what it is in the world of a James Cox book and it works for these characters perfectly. Roark and Henry would have gotten together eventually, I’m sure, but there’s nothing like a catastrophe to put your shit into perspective. I don’t think Roark could manage a relationship with just anyone, he definitely needed someone like Henry, tough yet tender with a snarky, smart-ass wit that kept Roark on his toes. I loved their banter and Henry loved getting ‘punished’ for that smart mouth of his. James knows how to keep a reader on their toes by taking a scene and turning it 180 and giving the reader an unexpected (and highly enjoyable) moment. For instance, the scene in the cave, near the beginning; it wasn’t what I was expecting and I loved it all the more for not following a formula.

I was a really big fan of the chemistry between these two. While Roark is the dominant one during playtime and Henry eats up every minute of it, the care and concern outside of those moments showed how much Henry had Roark wrapped around his little finger without even trying. The balance gave their relationship a lot of depth for a 108 page book that also has the planet falling apart at the same time.

I’m all set for the next in the series, “Suck the Savage Beast”. Have you read the blurb for that one??? The Sons of Outlaws series is a deliciously entertaining escape and I can’t recommend the trip enough.

For more information about the Dom of Peculiar Places and all the Outlaws, check them out on Goodreads.

**a copy of this book was provided for an honest review**

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