Review: Boyfriend Goals by Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid

What happens when a nerd and a jock pretend to be dating for the summer? Social justice whiz Trev needs to convince his parents that his bisexuality isn't a phase, and swim team star Lee needs somewhere to stay until the new semester starts. Forced together for three months at a Vermont lake house with Trev's family, the boys influence each other in unexpected ways, and despite their differences, a real bond begins to form. What will it take for a fake odd couple to become a real one?

Aw, well aren't Lee and Trev just the cutest. 

Trev came out to his family as bi and they kind of brushed it off as a phase. Trev is not the kind of person to take things lightly and will not have his family thinking his sexuality is nothing more than a phase. He decided to take a fake boyfriend back home to convince his family of the validity of his bisexuality. That fake boyfriend is Lee. They meet through a mutual friend and since Lee needs a place to stay over the summer, fake boyfriends seems like the perfect solution.  

I always love a good fake boyfriends trope. There's good tension as the lines between fake and real start to blur. I loved the way their relationship grew over the summer and how they understood each other. They were so adorable and there was snuggling. Lots of snuggles. I'm a big fan of the not-so-innocent snuggling.

Trev isn't exactly a people person. He could be a bit harsh and found his foot in his mouth more than once. But Lee learned how to see through that and really knew Trev. Lee had his own burdens and found support with Trev and his family. Trev's parents aren't exactly the most loving, but they have good intentions and were there for both guys when it really mattered. I do wish there was more showing instead of telling. There was a lot of talk about Trev's lack of people skills and struggles with forming real relationships. Don't tell me all about it, show me. But it wasn't enough to take away my enjoyment of their story. 

I loved all the sweetness this NA romance had to offer. Highly recommended for something low-angst to pull on your heartstrings. 

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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