Review: Thanks a Lot, John LeClair by Johanna Parkhurst

A Companion to Here's to You, Zeb Pike

Sixteen-year-old Emmitt LaPoint has secretly been writing letters to his hockey idol, John LeClair, for years. So it’s probably only fitting that Emmitt’s small Vermont town seems desperate to make him the next LeClair. After all, Emmitt is about to lead his high school hockey team to the state championship, he has a near-perfect GPA, and he’s liked by almost everyone.

But even golden boys have problems, and Emmitt has more than his share. His father’s back in town to breathe down his neck. He’s happily dating his coach’s nephew, Dusty, but almost nobody knows he’s gay—and that secret is getting harder and harder to keep.

When Emmitt discovers Dusty is keeping secrets of his own, he’s forced to decide exactly what kind of golden boy he wants to be.

This is the book I never knew I wanted until I read it! 

Johanna Parkhurst is one of those authors who I love. Her YA/NA stories are so well written, her characterisation and storytelling suits me perfectly. I pick up a book by this author and can't put it down - yet I feel she gets a bit overlooked by the plethora of more well-known names in the M/M genre. Maybe because she does write more YA/NA rather than older MC's, I don't know but I would absolutely recommend her to everyone.

Here's to You, Zeb Pike, was one of my favourite reads a couple of years ago and I am so excited to revisit those characters in this follow up story. It was great seeing things form Emmitt's point of view. How seeing the 'golden boy' from his own eyes and how things are never as simple as they seem to the rest of the world. It's a good lesson for us all, we can't really know what anyone's life is like other than or own. 

With thoughtful and insightful writing, Parkhurst captures these characters perfectly; not just the MCs, but the extended families and friends of them. Growing up is hard. Growing up gay is harder for many, many people - even those lucky enough to have understanding family and friends. Thanks a Lot, John LeClair, shows us this perfectly. 

I really would recommend people read this author. She should be far better known than she is - in my humble opinion anyway!

A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.

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