Review: A Family for Christmas by Jay Northcote

Zac never had a family of his own, but Rudy has enough to share.
Shy, inexperienced Rudy has a crush on Zac from the moment his new colleague walks through the door. On an office night out before Christmas, Rudy finds the courage to make a move, and they form a tentative bond. When he discovers Zac will be alone at Christmas, he invites Zac to come home with him.

Zac prefers to keep people at arm’s length. Yet when Rudy offers him a family Christmas it’s impossible to resist. With no parents of his own, Zac is pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by Rudy’s. The only drawback is that everyone assumes they’re a couple. Unwilling to disappoint Rudy’s mum and make Christmas awkward, they decide not to deny it.

It’s not a chore for Zac to pose as Rudy’s boyfriend, but the pretence makes him want things that scare him—things like a real relationship with Rudy. Zac’s suffered enough rejection in his life already and is afraid to risk his heart. If he can get over his past rejection and let Rudy inside his armour, he might get more for Christmas than he ever imagined.

Jay Northcote has become my go to for perfectly perfect Christmas stories. No one wraps me up in comfy cozy Merry Jizzmas feels like he does. I mean, I just finished reading A Family for Christmas and at the same time, I’m listening to What Happens at Christmas on audio (which I read last year). So yeah, I’m a fan.

A Family for Christmas had extra warmth I felt and the author did a great job of balancing the romance with the family evolution for Zac. Zac and Rudy work together and Zac is still the “new guy”. He’s a little stand offish and keeps his coworkers at arm’s length. Rudy is adorkably shy and has had a crush on Zac from day one. Zac hasn’t not noticed Rudy, but he also is not one to let himself notice too much if you get my drift.

Circumstances happen, and the two of them share a tequila fueled kiss that went all kinds of wrong hilariously, but looking back it ended up for the best. And may I say, drunk Rudy cracked me up. I loved the moment when the tequila kicked in, “This time, Rudy ignored the burn as he swallowed. Tequila was awesome. Everything was awesome. He loved his colleagues, and this was the best night out ever.” Yep, that’s the tequila moment.

Thankfully Tequila happened though, otherwise the painfully shy Rudy wouldn’t have had the courage to invite Zac home with him for the holidays. And while the beginning of the book was pure fun and full of crushy co-worker harmless angst, when the guys get to Rudy’s family home, the Christmas feels hit you right in the heart and keep on coming until the ending HEA.

Along the way, Zac learned that he deserved love even though he “had spent years learning not to want things he couldn’t have”. Rudy was the perfect person to break down Zac’s walls. Rudy is shy and guileless while at the same time, it’s obvious, as they spend time with Rudy’s family, that Rudy knows how to love and has plenty to lavish on Zac if Zac will let him. Zac sees it every time Rudy looks at him because Rudy doesn’t know how to hide it.

As Zac starts to let Rudy in, Rudy gains confidence because he has to. He has to so that he can give Zac what he needs and in the end, that’s all that is important to Rudy. In amongst all the wall breaking and lovey revelations is charming banter and funny holiday moments. And, as I said, It was really all balanced out perfectly to give me the perfect taste of Merry Jizzmas that I love so.

Plus, there’s a Christmas kitten. And I love Christmas kittens. :D

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**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**


  1. Awww I saw this one around but haven't gotten a chance to put it up yet. So glad to hear you liked it! I really like a lot of Jay Northcote's books so this one is definitely on my TBR list.

    1. It was SO great and gave me all the Christmas feels. I think this may be Jay's best one yet. Don't tell the others though, it makes me feel like I'm being disloyal to the others. Enjoy it, but steer clear of the tequila!