Review: Pushing the Envelope by Kim Dare

When Scott Evans sends an anonymous invitation to the dominant he’s fantasised about for months, he just hopes that Joe Stuart will be curious enough to turn up at the specified address and do a scene with him.

It never occurs to Scott that Joe will send a note back to him, or that something as simple as writing a letter could evolve into a kinky game that will test both men to the limit.

Orders, pleas, kinks and even love—there’s nothing a letter can’t contain once two hot and passionate guys start Pushing The Envelope.

Please Note: This work was previously published in fourteen short story installments. The existing parts of the story have been tweaked and re-edited, and two entirely new installments have been added. This edition is the first time all the installments have been brought together in e-book form.

Oh that was fun and kinky, just like Kim Dare always is.

Being with Scott, controlling Scott, claiming ownership over Scott—it all felt so right.

This was originally a series of short stories that were made available in installments. I never read the original series so I can’t comment on any changes to the story-line, I just read this as one story with the knowledge it used to be a serial. There were a lot of elements that made it obvious this used to be a serial. For one, there is a lot of sex! Every chapter is basically a sex scene, which would have been marvellous when they were released as individuals, as one story it can become a lot. I’m not going to take off points for that though, it comes with the territory of publishing a serial in one book, also Dare’s sex is always so incredibly hot, I didn’t mind reading a lot of it ;-). Secondly, there are no side characters, like zero. It's just Joe and Scott kinking it up. As long as you’re prepared for this to feel like a serial, then you’ll do fine.

Now let's move onto the good stuff…..

If you’re a fan of Kim Dare you’ll enjoy this book, it has everything that I’ve come to expect from her.

Close to perfect, possessive Dom.

“You’re mine now, and no one else lays a hand on my sub without my permission,”

What I extra loved about Joe was he had multiple jobs and had a pretty cruddy apartment. It was nice to see a non-millionaire Dom.

Absolute perfect, natural, obedient submissive.

He accepted the bondage with apparent pleasure. His erection remained firm, pointing straight up toward the ceiling of the salon’s back room.
Joe smiled, his own cock growing harder at the sight of Scott’s natural submission.

Scott also has crippling low self-esteem and it was lovely to see Joe help him overcome that and not completely in the ‘BDSM cures everything’ type of way.

D/S and bondage to the heart's delight.

He was perfect. Cock caged, neck collared, but without anything binding him to the chair apart from his own will, he’d never looked better.

Like other Dare books I’ve read the kink isn’t heavy but it's always present. Mostly these boys are all about dominating, submitting, bondage and a whole lot of toys. There’s also quite a bit of voyeurism and a hint of exhibitionism.

I think the only place I felt this story lacked was with the feels. I don’t know if it was because it was a serial, but any emotional connection between these two only started at approx 80%. There wasn’t anything (other than sex) for these guys to work through until the end and that left me wanting more emotional depth in their relationship. Also that was a pretty pitiful collaring scene…..

Anyway, I recommend taking your time with this one, reading it in installments even though I got through it fairly quickly. Its sweet, fun and sexy as fuck!

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