Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - Edmond Manning

It's a bird! 
It's a plane!'s Edmond Manning with a delicious devious flash ficlet in his hands! Gather round and welcome his return to the stable!

Something Superman by Edmond Manning

“Jerry, this will never work. I’m sorry. You’re too conservative for me.”

“No, no, no! Michael, please. I’m trying. I love how outrageous you are. You awaken this spark in me who wants to go skateboarding and rent jet skis and eat spicy food that’s too hot for my mouth. I know I’m boring—“

“You’re not boring. Don’t say that.”

“Fine, not boring. But you’re fireworks and loud laughing and extreme silliness, and I…I’m in awe.”

“Jerry, I don’t need a fanboy. I need a partner. I need someone who surprises me with pranks and gestures bigger than edible arrangements. Which was a nice gift, but, I need something crazier. I know you like this energy in your life, Jerry, but I need Superman to my Batman. I don’t want Robin.”

“Wait. Michael. Give me a chance. Give me until Saturday noon. Saturday is our one month anniversary. Let me show you I can play. Let me…come up with something. Something big. Something Superman.”

“Jerry, c’mon. Don’t do this.”

“Michael, here’s the first of my big gestures. Here’s me, standing on my chair in a Thai restaurant. C’mon. Give me until Saturday.”

“Get down! Jesus, get down. Okay, okay, you have until Saturday. Get down, okay?”

“Did I surprise you?”

“You did.”

“You just laughed.”

“Yes, I laughed. You surprised me, I admit it. So…Saturday. You have something planned?”

“Not yet. But I will. Trust me. Something Superman.”

“Okay, Jer. Eat your basil noodles.”

“I want to delight you, Michael. Like you delight me.”

“You’re very sweet, Jerry. I definitely feel appreciated by you. I do. But you do realize I live on the 12th floor, right? Whatever street surprise you’re planning, I probably won’t see from up there.”

“Just wait, Michael. For Saturday. Something Superman.”


Author info:

Edmond Manning has always been fascinated by fiction: how ordinary words could be sculpted into heartfelt emotions, how heartfelt emotions could leave an imprint inside you stronger than the real world. Mr. Manning never felt worthy to seek publication until recently, when he accidentally stumbled into his own writer’s voice that fit perfectly, like his favorite skull-print, fuzzy jammies. He finally realized that he didn’t have to write like Charles Dickens or Armistead Maupin, two author heroes, and that perhaps his own fiction was juuuuuuust right, because it was his true voice, so he looked around the scrappy word kingdom that he created for himself and shouted, “I’M HOME!” He is now a writer.

In addition to fiction, Edmond enjoys writing non-fiction on his blog, When not writing, he can be found either picking raspberries in the back yard or eating panang curry in an overstuffed chair upstairs, reading comic books.


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  1. LOL! I'm certain Jerry is going to be surprised by Michael's superman... LOL!

  2. I did date someone adventurous- it was a lot of fun!

  3. LOL, this sounds like a start of something funny. I wonder if Jerry's attempt would have something to do with that "12th floor", flying?? ;-))
    Thank you for the ficlet, Edmund.

  4. Oh, I loved this. I want to know more!! Something Superman indeed :). Thank you so much for the ficlet.

  5. Great ficlet I'm worrying now what Jerry means by Superman! Love to know what happens next it should be interesting!!

  6. I haven't dated anyone that adventurous (and I wouldn't want to nor feel like I had to earn the right to date someone). I love the pic, though.

  7. I'm pretty sure I haven't dated anyone that adventurous & like Jen wouldn't want to feel like I had to earn the right to be with someone. If we're not compatible, then we're not. The pic is epic!

  8. Thanks for the ficlet, i enjoyed it :)

  9. I don't think that I have dated anyone that adventurous either. Would love to see some of his lower floor neighbors reaction to Superman!

  10. Classic Edward Manning! Loved it!

  11. No, never My dates were the common ones, going to the beach or dinner somewhere. :P

  12. I never dated adventurous ones. I love to read about them though.

  13. I'm pretty sure that I have never dated someone as adventurous as Michael.

  14. Too adventurous for me, but I love seeing people go outside the box.

  15. Angela:
    Thanks for the ficlet, i enjoyed it.

  16. Definitely never dated anyone that adventurous. Although I would love to ;)

  17. I have dated someone who was a little adventurous, (jumping out of a plane ) but nothing to serious.

  18. Sadly, the guys I know are pretty sedate!


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