Review: Raw Lust (The Raw Trilogy, #1) by Sibley Jackson

*Note: This gay romance contains graphic m/m sex scenes.

Z: dynamic, in your face sexual rock star in the making. He and his band, Wild Riot, are hoping to hit the big-time, and they’re getting close. He knows a relationship is out of the question if he hopes to make it big.
Jason: low key and handsome, he’s sworn to never care for a guy again—at least not without taking it slow and easy. He chose poorly once. By the time he walked away, his self-esteem had been in shreds.

Then Wild Riot takes the stage at the city’s most popular gay club. Jason has scored a front row table. He’s heard all about the band and their sexy lead singer. Big deal. He’s seen a ton of bands.

A single spotlight explodes from the darkness, illuminating Z. Their eyes meet—and the heat between them could incinerate the whole damn place.

Before the first set ends, both know they can’t walk away. Not until they’ve had one night of scorching, animalistic sex.

After all, neither is looking for anything more. Especially nothing as inconvenient and terrifying as love.

ATTENTION: 1/3 of this story was published on Amazon only in serialized form, under the name The Performance Series. 2/3 of this story is new, due to popular demand for Z and Jason. Even if you have read The Performance Series, you will enjoy the Raw Trilogy.

Ok ok, review….

I think before going into this book you should be prepared to laugh. Have fun. Don't expect anything too serious and you may enjoy it.

Z is the front man to his band Wild Riot, who have made it big locally and are now touring the States to try and make it big nationally. Z and Jason meet after a show and it's insta-love/lust. After an exceptionally sweaty and passionate night together the two decide to become exclusive and give it a go, even though they both state they can’t do relationships right now. The next day, Z goes away for 6 weeks, but don’t worry these guys are solid, they know each other really well after all that sex *rolls eyes*.

Okay, things that worked. These two are actually solid. Yes, it's very insta-love, but they still have insecurities and they talk about them with each other. They’re both aware of the strains on their relationship and they make it work.

I don't know much about the music industry, but besides Z’s hoard of sex-crazed fans I think the music side of the story was quite realistic in regards to the workload and effort.

Now for the fun part, the lines in this book…. my goodness I could not believe my eyes! At first I deigned them with a simple eyebrow arch, that quickly moved to eye rolling, which progressed to giggle bursts and ended in the covering of my entire face to try to end it.

Here are some for your viewing pleasure…..

Before five minutes had past, everyone in the room felt as though they were being fucked by the platinum god who reigned on the stage— and they prayed he wouldn’t stop hammering into them anytime soon.

Gathering up his strength, Z leapt into the air as he thrust out his hips, crying out as if in orgasm. Then he panted, whispering the lyrics to his newest song, Take It Hard.

“You know what happens when two men fuck around, darlin’. There’s a cock fight. Right now, I’m the rooster in control.”

“Pull it, darlin’. Pull it like only a man knows how.”

“Do it! God, yes, fuck my horny hole!”

Z, leaning toward the tiles with splayed hands, was making inhuman noises much like an animal being tortured. Yet, his hips rotated like a burlesque dancer’s as his ass tightly gripped Jason’s rod.

That's all in the first 45%.

Look, I just couldn’t take this book seriously and maybe if I’d started out not taking it seriously it would have worked out better. Maybe that’ll work for some people. Enter at your own risk.

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