Review: Custom Fit (Tailor Made #2) by Josephine Myles

Being "wrong" has never felt so right!

Felix McAvoy is having an identity crisis. No longer the bad boy of art college, he’s now employed as a human billboard, roaming the centre of Bath dressed as a Roman soldier while attempting to fight off his nicotine cravings. It’s a come down for the former conceptual artist, although there are compensations to the costume. The skirt, for one…

While Felix hasn’t made a secret of his desire to wear women’s clothing, he’s never dared try it until now. He’s always been worried once he goes down that road, he won’t want to come back, and the prospect of cross-dressing 24/7 terrifies him. Of course, he can’t tell that to Andrew, who’s now busy making Felix a slutty red dress.

Andrew Wheeler loves coming home to Felix and their cosy city centre flat. He just wishes Felix would let him know what’s bothering him; maybe then Andrew could confide what he really wants. Felix might not see him as anything other than a top, but Andrew’s yearning to switch things up.

Living together is one thing. Actually plucking up the courage to talk about their secret desires is going to be a whole other—and excruciatingly embarrassing—kettle of fish.

The author describes Custom Fit as a “smutty romantic comedy” and she is spot on. Plus it’s got the added bonus of tackling a couple’s growth together and separately both respectfully and deliciously. So, fluff PLUS real feels. Allow me to elucidate . . .

Tailor Made is one of my all time favorite comfort reads. It’s funny, charming and beautifully British. We’re used to Felix having it all figured out and Andrew finding his way. In Custom Fit, Felix has graduated and is floundering a little. I mean, honestly, what does one do with an art degree right out of college? Well, apparently Felix gets a job sign twirling in a gladiator costume. He definitely looks good, but he’s hardly practicing his craft. Andrew is still in school and working part time. He’s able to keep his focus and his more practical nature is exactly what this next phase of their lives needs.
The guys are living together, supporting themselves and are learning how to “adult”. It’s no real problem for Andrew, but for Felix? It kind of is.

As they navigate the waters of being actual grown-ups, they’re also struggling separately with the realization that they each have some sexual curiosities they’d like to explore. The way the author had each character work through their thoughts was just so good. It read realistically because nothing was rushed and mistakes were made. It gave both Felix and Andrew even more depth. While I loved the New Adult arc of post college life and actual adult issues, the sexual compatibility arc of the story took the story to next level awesomeness.

It wasn’t like the ‘kinks’ these two had were extreme, but I totally felt where they were coming from with their insecurities. Moving on to the next stage of their lives together has thrown off Felix’s confidence so exploring his curiosity with lingerie that he tapped into at the end of Custom Fit has become more daunting. The days of college experimentation are over and he’s having some trouble reconciling his dreams and desires with the reality of rent and groceries.

So, while Felix is trying to figure out exactly what appeals to him and how to approach Andrew, Andrew is figuring out how to be chill enough to bottom for Felix. He wants to in his mind, but his strict childhood clenches him up like nothing else. Throughout the book the guys do communicate in starts and stops and that’s what made it read so realistically to me. Felix could hardly express himself well when he’s still figuring things out. Plus, Felix being Felix, his confession skills are lacking. Andrew is always realistic and honest, but he’s not exactly loquacious by nature, so it feeds into Felix’s lack of confidence as well.

Through all the shenanigans and revelations there was plenty of humor and smexy times. There’s never any doubt that these two cats belong together and want to be together. It’s so damn sweet to read their struggles. That sounds weird, but this is where the “smutty romantic comedy” comes in. The struggles are adorable and steamy and I loved every one.

The ending was a little quick and neat, but if I had to pick between time spent on the kink matching or time spent on future careers, I’m totally fine with what I got.

For more information on Custom Fit and the Tailor Made series, check it out on Goodreads.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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