Guest Review: In Vogue by Lucia Laurent

King of New York fashion and editor-in-chief of the prestigious Couture magazine, Miles Brodeur loves his demanding job and a routine that means he always knows what’s coming next. Deeply involved in the magazine’s content and culture, Miles doesn’t have the time or the desire for a relationship.

Alexander Mackenzie is a former model turned magazine editor who is just learning about the politics that exist at the intersection of high fashion and publishing. He’s always dreamt of turning Miles’ head and one night, at a glamorous party, his fantasy becomes reality. But Miles’ workaholic nature conflicts with Alexander’s belief that “there’s more to life than what’s printed on the pages of a magazine.”

Despite their fundamental differences, Alexander can’t help but follow Miles back to New York, and once there it becomes clear their association could be addicting--and possibly life-changing.

Set in a world where the beauty of art and the written word collide, Miles is confronted by a fundamental question: is someone ever worth slowing down for?

Guest Reviewer: Shee Reader

Miles Brodeur is the best of the best, the editor-in-chief of the elite fashion magazine Couture. The book follows Miles and his minions from fashion week to fashion week as he works incredible magic with his magazine, and finds the granite hard ice of his heart cracked wide open buy the young pretender, Alexander MacKenzie. Alexander is the new British kid on the block, the new editor of Cut, a publication in the same group as Couture. Alexander is young, fun and full of energy. One look at Miles and he is driven by awe and lust!

Miles isn’t in the market for a relationship, and things can never work out between them because of the work aspect, but guess what? Miles is wrong! Alexander is like an enthusiastic puppy trying to get Miles’ attention and the sex between them is scorching. Their non-relationship-relationship goes from country to country as they travel to do their jobs, but the first time Alexander visits Miles in New York, everything changes. The entourage of friends become entwined, and I wonder if we’ll see happily ever after stories for the other men?

Lucia’s engaging and exciting style grabbed my attention from the first line. I’m not a fashion expert by any means but despite the huge thread of clothes and fashion awareness throughout the book, I wasn’t put off or intimidated at all. The character’s love for all things fashion was awe inspiring instead of off putting. The draw between the two men and their thoroughly charming group of friends was so enthralling that for several days I was reading instead of sleeping. To me the real sign of a good book!

The supporting characters are strong. Miles’ best friend and another editor at Couture, Zia is funny and smart, strong and vulnerable. I loved how Miles pretended not to notice Zia ‘borrowing’ clothes from his own closet, or the huge stash of goodies Miles hoards at the magazine. His clothing choices are attention seeking, and I love that in a book, the reader can care about a character that is completely outside their sphere of experience. Alexander’s friends Kane and Dylan are all fabulous. I loved the famous DJ who tags along, and that Alexander can justify his friend the sports editor sitting front row on the runway at fashion week! They are incredibly driven and fun guys, who’s use of social media is realistic and charming. One favourite bit includes them waking their friend Ed Sheeran to post a picture of them on Instagram to get Miles’ attention. Hilarious!

The plot has twists and heartbreak, character development, beautiful clothes in beautiful cities, and finally, two men who find their forever happiness together. I loved it.

In Vogue made me laugh and cry, worry and chuckle, but mostly it had me rooting for two men to make their relationship work. Highly recommended.

A free copy of this book was provided in return for an honest review

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