Review: All About the Boy by P.A. Friday

Some men like gentle loving—others like to switch up the power. In P.A. Friday’s collection of stories, explore the raunchier, edgier side of lust—a space where domination and control can be the greatest turn-on.

From Stefan finding out the hard way just how straight he isn’t, Jake who has to learn to behave or take his punishment, to Kel juggling two very different lovers at his workplace, doing what you’re told has never been sexier.

What a hot little anthology! I'm rating this a touch higher than I rated the individual stories because as a whole I had a lot of fun reading this and all of the stories were incredibly sexy!

Pretty little Straight Boy - 4.5 Hearts

So good! Loved that sexy little short.

Stefan and Rufus (great name) have been friends since high school and are celebrating finishing university with some other friends. Everyone's getting a bit (lot) drunk and they decide to play hide and seek(?) with forfeits paid if they're found. So Rufus is on the hunt and when he finds Stefan he declares his forfeit is to suck Rufus’ cock. Oh one thing, Stefan is ‘straight’ (que eye roll) but he finds himself in desperate need for some Rufus cock in his mouth.

This had two super super delicious scenes featuring some light D/S and a college boy desperately needing to be filled.

“Please, what?” he asked softly, still pinning Stefan’s hands on either side of his head. He leaned over Stefan. “Please, don’t? Or please, don’t stop? Please, make me beg some more?”

There was enough character development and story to make me understand their dynamic and want them to end up together, but mostly it's just sex *waggles eyebrows*.

“Spread your legs for me, Stefan,” he murmured. “Just like that. I want you to see me, and I want to see your face as I take you. Spread your legs wide for me.”

Making Amends - 4 Hearts

Hm….That was hot and interesting….

Jake is Alessandro's boy, they have an open relationship with Alessandro having other lovers and Jake pleasuring them as Alessandro sees fit. Jake adores Alessandro and adores his life, except when it comes to Leo, Alessandro's long time friend. With the book being purely from Jake's POV we can't help but hate Leo as well, but it's obvious Jake’s dislike is pretty petty.

Alessandro was so handsome, so immediately magnetic in personality, and the majority of his friends were almost as attractive. Leo, however, was plain, even unattractive, with a prominent, beak-like nose and sallow skin. And his attitude always managed to rub Jake the wrong way.

When Jake openly insults Leo, Alessandro sees fit to punish Jake.

Then to make matter more interesting Alessandro hands Jake over to Leo for one night so Jake can really show Leo how sorry he is *snickers*. Let's just say Jake is bratty and Leo definitely gets his pride back.

Office Politics - 3.5 Hearts

So in this one we meet Kel, who is both dominant and submissive and enjoys the extra thrill of having sex at his office.

Kel is currently having sex with two men he works with (separately, they don't know about the other, but no one is exclusive), Peter who is submissive and Dean who enjoys beating up his partners. Kel meets with Peter first and my goodness that was so smoking hot! Exhibitionism people!! They have sex right up against the office window and then naughty Peter has to clean up all the mess he made *tutt tutt*.

Dean and Kel’s scene was really hot as well, reminded me a lot of Uneven (by Anah crow) but it went in a direction I didn't really like. Well maybe it would have been alright if it had had more closure. It didn't really make sense to have a ‘climax’ like this one in the story, just for it to end straight after.

Still super hot though!

Completely recommend this book for a quick compilation of some pretty darn hot D/S stories!

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Author Bio

P.A. Friday fails dismally to write one sort of thing and, when not writing erotica and erotic romance of all sexualities, may be found writing articles on the Regency period, pagan poetry, or science fiction. She loves wine and red peppers, and loathes coffee and mushrooms.

Twitter: @penelopefriday


Usually, Jake liked to do as he was told. He obeyed Alessandro’s every whim and behaved impeccably—especially in the presence of his master’s friends.


It was not because he feared punishment that he did so, either. Far from it. It was because he loved the look on his master’s face when Jake was obedient. That expression of pride in his boy—in Jake—and the warmth of his smile. Jake would do anything for that look.

Still, there was one of Alessandro’s friends to whom Jake couldn’t take. No matter how many times he met the man, he didn’t warm to him—had, in fact, an instinctive revulsion towards him. In his presence, the temptation to disregard his usual obedience was always strong. It wasn’t the fact that Leo had once been Alessandro’s lover—Alessandro had had, and continued to have, any number of lovers. Indeed, with Alessandro’s permission, several had played with or been pleasured by Jake. But when it came to Leo, the rules changed.

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