Review: Assumed Dead by Becky Black

The zombie apocalypse left twelve people trapped, but safe, at a scientific research base on an Arctic island. Three years later, with supplies critically low, they know they can’t survive another harsh winter. But all of them fear what awaits them on the mainland.

Former grad student, Matt Warner, has retrained as a nurse under the group’s doctor, Peter Lane. Training is not the only thing Matt wants to be under Peter for, but Peter has always resisted responding to Matt’s interest in him. Before all this started Peter had a husband, Harrison, back home. A husband he desperately hopes is still alive.

Despair finally weakens Peter’s resolve and he and Matt begin sharing a bed. It’s Matt’s dream come true, even if he knows Peter’s feelings for him aren’t as strong as his for Peter. But everything changes, when the group learns of the existence of a vaccine against the zombie virus and they escape the island to search for the people distributing the vaccine. Matt fears their relationship won’t survive, because Peter wants to search for his husband—even if only to confirm his death. And Peter knows if he goes looking for Harrison, he’ll lose Matt forever.

I really can't resist a zombie apocalypse.

After the zombie virus came about, twelve people were left stranded in the arctic. They were there doing research and ended up stuck there for three years. Supplies are low, there's a new baby to take care of, and there's news of a cure. They decide to leave their safe haven to find more survivors and more about this vaccine.

Of these survivors there's Matt. He's a nurse and works with the group's doctor, Peter. He's had feelings for Peter for some time, but was never able to act on them. Peter has a husband. Well, he had a husband back home before the zombie apocalypse. Peter isn't sure what happened to Harrison, but he's not giving up hope that he's out there somewhere, waiting for him.

Peter can't resist Matt once he let's his feelings be known to Peter. They end up starting a tentative relationship that slowly turns into more. But once they decide to leave, Peter is set on searching for his husband.

I just didn't really like the set up of their relationship. I didn't like that Matt pushed Peter into being his boyfriend and I didn't like how he guilted Peter about his husband. Yes... it had been three years, but they were married, FFS! I don't know... the whole thing just left a bad taste for me. If I had felt a stronger connection between Matt and Peter maybe it wouldn't have bothered me as much, but I think Matt put too much pressure on Peter. I didn't feel any true chemistry between them. This is a romance, so everything worked out for all parties involved. A little too perfectly, considering all that happened.

Apparently, this is the second book in a series, but it reads fine as a stand alone. I did feel like I was missing something, but not enough to throw me off. But I do wish there was more zombie action. This story was mostly focused on the relationship, which is what I, unfortunately, didn't really enjoy.

I may pick up the first book since it looks to have more action than Assumed Dead. I am intrigued by this zombie apocalypse and I think book 1 is more what I'm looking for in this genre.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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