Tag-Team Review: Practice Makes Perfect (Housemates #3) by Jay Northcote

Getting experience with the guy next door seems like a great idea—until the lines blur.

Dev, a geeky first year physics student, has zero sexual experience and he’s determined to change that ASAP. After a bad time in halls of residence, he’s starting the summer term with different housemates and a new plan of action.

Ewan lives in the house next door to Dev. He’s young, free and single, and isn’t looking to change that anytime soon. When awkward circumstances throw them together, Ewan offers to help Dev out in the bedroom in return for maths tutoring, and Dev jumps at the chance.

They work their way through Dev’s sex-to-do list, but what starts as a perfect no-strings arrangement gets more complicated as their feelings for each other begin to grow. If they’re going to turn their lessons in lovemaking into something more permanent, they need to work out how they feel about each other—before they get to the end of Dev’s list.

Length: 54,000 words approx.
This book is a complete story and can be read as a stand-alone


Adam - 4 Hearts

After reading a very angst-heavy book, this was the perfect pick-me-up.


Dev is nerdy, socially awkward, and a virgin. He likes his life to be orderly, which is why he makes lists for everything. One of his goals for the year is to get some sexual experience, but he’s not really sure how to go about it. Ewan, a ginger hunk who doesn’t have a problem finding company, is Dev’s next-door neighbour. After a couple of awkward encounters, during which Ewan learns about Dev’s goal to get laid, Ewan presents Dev with a proposal: Ewan will tutor Dev in the bedroom, and Dev will tutor Ewan in math.

It’s a fair trade, and the two don’t take long to get down to business.

I know what to expect when I read a book by Jay Northcote. It’s usually low on the angst but not too sappy, with immediately likeable MCs, a realistic romance, and some sexytime to top it off. The Housemates series kicks the sexytime up a few notches. ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ delivered in every aspect.

If you’ve got a thing for confident gingers with infectious smiles who know their way around a bedroom, you won’t have any problem with Ewan. He had me feeling some type of way, especially when he patiently taught Dev the joys of sex. If he set up a tutoring business, I would keep him on retainer.

Does that make me a bit of a perv? Probably. I own my perviness.

It’s hard not to love Dev right off the bat. He’s a cute geek who knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to go after it. His obsession with lists was adorable. He even makes one for what he wants Ewan to teach him.

The Housemates series has some hot sexin’, and book 3 is no different. Dev’s list covers all of the basics - handjobs, blowjobs, rimming, and anal. Ewan and Dev are very thorough in going through that list. Though Dev might need some pointers at times, he is in no way a bashful virgin. The boy dishes out dirty talk without thinking about it.

These two lit up my tablet screen, giving the previous couples in this series a run for their money.


Dev and Ewan’s relationship isn’t just about the sex. The two get to know each other, and eventually realize that they want something more. Through home-made dinner dates (though neither will admit that they’re dates), spending time together, and meeting each other’s friends, they slowly develop feelings for one another. It was a sweet and believable progression.


Yes, the inevitable misunderstanding happens, which I’m usually not a fan of. But in this case I didn’t mind because it doesn’t take long for Ewan and Dev to admit that the two were head-over-heels for each other.

If you’re looking for something hot, sweet, and easy, ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ is the book for you! It can be read as a stand-alone.

Chelsea - 4.5 Hearts

Sex Things to Try
Hand jobs
Blow jobs (giving)
Blow jobs (receiving)
Rimming (giving)
Rimming (receiving)

I adored the first two books in this series, such a perfect blend of sweetness and sexy. Practice Makes Perfect was no exception.

Ewan and Dev…. what a gorgeous sexy couple. I adored both of these characters. Ewan is a genuine nice guy, who had no past hang-ups or deep dark secrets. Also he's ginger…

Then there's Dev, who felt like the most un-virgin virgin ever and I really really liked that. Dev has done nothing with anyone, not even kissing, but he’s done an awful lot to himself, including fucking himself with a big fat dildo. That's never the case with virgin's in romance books. They're always these chaste ‘not wanting to be touched’ boys, but Dev was very proactive in his sex life and I loved it! Ewan did too.

“You gonna make me beg for it?” Ewan asked hoarsely. “Or do you want me to make you take it?”
Dev moaned and tightened his fingers on Ewan’s thighs where he gripped them.

At times I couldn’t help but feel frustrated at Dev and Ewan’s obvious assumptions of each other's feelings. It was evident that they were both falling for each other, but they were both so insecure (sounds like normal teenagers really) about where they stood as a couple. Good thing is it wasn't overly prolonged. They talked and worked things out pretty quickly.

Really I think a large majority of MM romance lovers will adore this. It has sweet characters, budding friendships and sexy sex... What's not to love?

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