Review: Betrayed (Bound Gods #3) by Adrienne Wilder

The stakes are rising.

As the god-son closes in leaving more bodies in its wake, treason and betrayal against the Association is unveiled. An inquiry for the Goddesses has been called, threatening everything Leo holds dear.

And the Chimera is not about to let go without a fight.

Despite the dangers lurking in the shadows, Leo wants his doxie Kaleb to think of only one thing. Him. His training. His purpose. And embrace the reality of what he is and not be ashamed of his attraction to Aaron, the doxie tossed aside by Sol.

Attraction is one thing. Bringing the boy to their bed is something else entirely. Kaleb can’t possibly want anyone but Leo. A lie Kaleb will pay dearly for. Penance Leo will be more than happy to deliver.

But penance for a lie will pale in comparison to what Kaleb must do to keep Sol from taking Aaron away, and invoking the Chimera into a lifetime in chains. 

YES. The author took this exactly where I was hoping she would.
"'Kaleb's shoulders jerked with silent sobs. Leo shushed him and kissed his temple. 'It'll be all right, boy, it will only hurt as long as I want it to.' And Leo always wanted it to hurt."
Leo is just as sadistic as ever. And Kaleb hates it. But really loves it.

A doxie, Aaron, was badly injured in an attack. After Aaron was attacked he feared being sent home and shaming his family. He's scarred and "damaged" and no god would want a doxie like him anymore. Kaleb goes to see him and finds that he has a connection with Aaron. He can't explain it this connection and doesn't particularly want to feel this way. I liked Kaleb's reaction to these feelings he's having. He doesn't want to want anyone but Leo, but he wants Aaron. And Leo decides to indulge Kaleb and take Aaron in.

The dynamic between these three is perfection. Kaleb continues to hate to love the pain that Leo dishes out. While Aaron simply loves the pain.
 "'I have a meeting this morning with council. You two will stay in my room. Do not leave my room. You can use the phone and call down for your meals. Kaleb, you teach Aaron how I expect him to ready himself every morning. And Aaron, you make sure Kaleb comes at least once more today, and I'll give you a taste of the cane when I punish him for it.'"
And that was the sort-of game they played. And they played it well. Aaron doesn't just love the pain, he revels in it. He takes everything Leo gives him and still wants more. While Kaleb's constant begging for mercy only eggs Leo on more. They were crazy hot together. The begging, the sobbing, the caning, the sounding, the piercing... everything. Just, DAMN.

There was some semblance of a plot with a bit of suspense... yadda yadda yadda. But this installment was really focused on the new and changing dynamic between Leo, Kaleb and Aaron. Again... DAMN.

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  1. We are totally on the same page with this series, great review!