Review: The Chimera (Bound Gods #1) by Adrienne Wilder

Kaleb Holten’s father’s debt to an underground group The Association has just been called in, and the man can’t pay the loan. Instead of turning over his wealth, he releases his son and Kaleb finds himself thrown into a world where a class of men see themselves as untouchable. Going so far as to call themselves gods.

After the Great Economic Collapse there are no laws that cannot be broken. And Kaleb is forced into a ten-year sentence of servitude where he will have no say, no rights, no value and yet be coveted and protected as if he were a priceless treasure.

Leo Roan, has slipped the noose the Association bound him with by breaking his addiction to ambrosia and Kaleb Holten was supposed to be his last assignment as a doxie Master. But something about the boy begins weaving a new net that will not only ensnare him but the conscious darkness inside, that craves pain, agony, suffering, and death. 

Mmhmm. This is the start of a series I'm pretty sure I'm going to luuuurrrrrrve.

Kaleb's father owes some serious cash to The Association and it's time to pay up. Unfortunately (or fortunately for us?) he can't pay. He gives up his collateral instead: Kaleb. Kaleb is given in Leo for training as a doxie. He'll have no rights. He'll be an owned object. A plaything. His father easily gave Kaleb up to this fate. I seriously hate that man. I'm hoping he gets what's coming to him.

The Association is a group of men who are gods. They take ambrosia to maintain their immortality. Ambrosia is created from these doxie when they have high amounts of adrenaline. They are special and kept sacred in the Association. They have no say or rights in anything that's done to them. They are owned by these men, but kept safe from serious harm. Leo is a part of this group, but he also has a beast living inside him, the Chimera.The Chimera revels in training the doxies. Loves hearing the pained cries from his boys. Bascially, Kaleb's really in for it.

While Kaleb is mostly unwilling in this entire process, he does what he has to do in order to protect his family. He's doing what his father should be doing. Notice he was mostly unwilling. There's a part of him, a deep part, that is fascinated by Leo and what Leo will make him do. Kaleb has a submissive side, as a doxie it comes naturally, that he doesn't really understand about himself. Yet. I'm sure Leo will help him see what he needs a little more clearly.
"Leo would awaken the doxie within Kaleb in the most spectacular ways.

After all it was Leo's specialty.

And fucking hell, he couldn't wait."
They shared some intense scenes in this first installment. With enemas, a cock cage, and a delicious feeding scene, Leo's training is in fact spectacular. Though I don't think we've seen all the ways Leo will test Kaleb. He wants to break Kaleb down and rebuild him.
"'This isn't BDSM, Kaleb. There is no give and take. No exchange of power. No offering of submission. It's only take, by me. Whenever, wherever. For the next year I own you. I command you. I can do anything I want with you.'"
...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd gimme book 2 now, please. I need to see where Leo takes things from here.

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