Review: Prince of Seas (Three Brothers Fair #1) by Emily Carrington

What’s the worst thing about being a water demon? You can’t tell your husbands apart. Of course, it doesn’t help when your newest mate-to-be disguises himself as his brother to win your hand.

Prince Felimid wants nothing more than to have a kelpie in his family so that his own race will have some stronger blood to mix in and have a hope of keeping water demons from dying out altogether. What he gets is a shy, sneaky, and virginal kelpie whose seed has yet to be proven. Initially furious that he’s been tricked, Felimid can’t deny the courageous and lusty husband he’s accidentally won.

I really wish this would've worked for me. Look at that blurb, would you? Kelpies! Demons! Virgins! Going the extra (slightly unethical, possibly amoral) mile to get your man! I had my biscuit at the ready to sop this up.

Unfortunately for me I was expecting more world building, more creatures, just... more than what was delivered. On a scale of 1 to KILL ME NOW I'm somewhere in the Meh range. I certainly didn't hate it. But I'm not sure I'll be diving into the rest of the series.

Hans is the youngest triplet among his kelpie brothers. These brothers, according to legend, are supposed to unite the kingdom through their marriages. Felimid is betrothed to Tian but Tian doesn't want him. Hans does for reasons. And this is where things started to run aground for me on Instalove Island.

Hans' affection for his prince is something I still can't grasp. For someone to be so determined as to pull a Hermione Granger and then incapacitate his brother for the ceremony it would've been nice to understand why other than... 

I kept wanting to ask Hans if he'd forgotten that they're both immortal. Like forever and ever FOR ALL TIME, BRO! But the heart wants what it wants. I just wish I was shown more of their connection rather than told to accept as a foregone conclusion because the esoteric Gaelic legend said so.

It's a fluffy, cute, quick and easy to read story. They boink a lot so there is that. I'm pretty sure were I in Felimid's position I'd probably fussy, party of one that I'd been deceived. Then again it only lasted for 48 hrs, but 48 hrs in instalove time is like 6 mos regular people time so I expected a little butthurtedness. I'm not sure how I feel about the reasons for Felimid marrying and then seemingly renouncing all attraction to his three wives. There's not enough for me to discern whether or not he ever felt anything more than affection and a fervent desire for offspring for them so I'm not going to get my panties in a twist over it. Ok, one hackle raised but then saw the opportunity to take a nap and that ended that uprising in a hurry.

Recommend to fans of fluff and fantasy.

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  1. Oh man.... That blurb..... Too bad the story didn't deliver... That Blurb!!!