Review: Our Place Among the Stars by James Cox

Sequel to Dick, It's What's for Dinner.

The pleasure ship is coming to your area...

I’m Mickale Stone, coming to you from the middle of space. The famous Three Guys Pleasure Ship will be coming to your planet in one week! We have some of the best dance shows in the entire colonized planet system, a delicious three-course meal by the famous Vernon McSpire and all your servers will be stripping. There are stunning views as you dine over your planet. You can even book a room for the night so you can make love among the stars. (Limited space, must bring your own lover as one will not be provided.)

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Breann - 

Short. Sexy. Fun.

Vern, Ale, and Rei finally achieved their dream jobs with The Three Guys Pleasure Ship. Vern gets to cook for their guests, Ale serves the drinks, while Rei gets to pilot the ship. They rolled all their passions into one business and get to do what they love best. Besides each other, that is.

It was awesome to see the guys post-HEA and really living out their dream and what they set out to accomplish together. I really enjoyed them getting together in the first book, Dick, It's What's For Dinner, so of course I wanted more of these guys.  

Not everything ran completely smooth and there was a bit of action and sci-fi adventure, but this was mostly a sexy and fun ride. I love that the story doesn't take itself too seriously. There's world-building and I got a clear picture of the setting and story, but it wasn't bogged down with details. I think James Cox does consistently does this really well. 

This is perfect for something quick and can be read in one sitting. I do recommend reading book one first, but I'm pretty sure that won't be a hardship. 

Ann -

What to do after having delicious Dick for Dinner? Hmmmmmm . . . You head to the stars with The COX that’s what you do for dessert. Our Place Among the Stars is a the perfect epilogue to Dick, It’s What’s for Dinner. The guys had a lot happen to them at the end of their story, so this installment let me wrap my brain around their HEA and wallow in the feels a bit. I like how James writes feelings for his character. He says a lot with a few words and it really sounds honest for how his characters would speak.

There was still excitement, that’s what James does, but he balances the story with the setting really well. I got a great visual but the story wasn’t buried in detail which is pretty necessary for a short story. The ending was so good and James really knows how to write a menage scene that’s yummy dirty and still gives the connection between the characters.

For more info on Our Place Among the Stars, check it out on Goodreads.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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