Group Review / Author of the Month: "The Vampire Fred: Wicked Game" by Vaughn R. Demont

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This month's Happy Hour Chat is on hiatus due to the fact that our favorite chatty watering hole is currently taking a summer holiday. We saw that "Gone Fishing" sign on the door and all drooped our little unicorn horns. Darn them!

Instead, we've put together a couple of mini-reviews for The Vampire Fred: Wicked Game by Vaughn R. Demont. Vaughn will be September's Author of the Month here on Boy Meets Boy Reviews.

Keep an eye out for more reviews of his work and maybe even an interview (if we can pick the lock on our darned happy hour location) later this month!

Lorix, the fair Daisy Silver Damsel:

Ye gods, that was fun...& damn confusing at times! So not your typical vampire novel...even if the blood was shiny. I liked it. At least, I think I did! 

Fred was a fun, vampire. I enjoyed this take on the Vampire tale. At times the narrative lost me a bit, but I soon picked it up again. I didn't realise I was such a vampire fan-girl until I started counting the ones I liked - you know Angel & Spike, the sparkly ones from Twilight, Mick St John (from moonlight), Blade, True Blood..I've probably forgotten a few. I don't think I've ever met one like Fred though. 

This book was just plain fun, from the Scooby-Doo talk in the beginning to the who-is-who at the end. It's good, all good. If somewhat confusing.

Ann, the lovely Peachy Pretty Lashes:

The Vampire Fred is a seriously fun ride. I get why it can be seen as confusing as all hell, but the brain strain is totally worth it. It was refreshing to read an author do something different with vampires that was unexpected and broke lots of rules.

Fred is a great character. He’s such an “everyman” that you can’t help but relate to him on some level even if he is now a slightly sexually confused blood guzzler. The relationship between him and Daniel, his sire, is kind of wrong yet completely charming at the same time. They really are hilarious together and I highlighted a lot of their conversations in amusement.

The world building is really interesting and this is where the somewhat confusing part comes in. I’m actually pretty confident I totally get it, just don’t ask me to explain it to you. What I liked though was that I was figuring it out at the same time Fred was. We were in this together and as he pieced the puzzle together so did I. The thing is, you have vamps being “reincarnated” for lack of a better word and when Fred drinks from a victim/donor he sees their memories. So you’ve got his current life (or lack thereof), the memories he’s seeing from the blood his drinking and his connection to his past lives all overlapping. The fact that quiet everyman Fred solved the mystery and saved the day made him a hero in my book.

I’m not going to lie, vampire sex made me kind of sad. Although to be fair, it makes way more sense in this book than in any other. Sex when you’re technically dead just isn’t the same but there is a certain symbolism with it that came full circle in the end that was actually very sweet and made me happy.

Thanks to the author for writing something completely unique and so much fun. A highly recommended take on a traditional theme that is anything but typical.

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