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We came. We read. We conquered?


Feel that bass? We're all about the bass over here! ;P

Check out the aftermath, carnage, attacks and the reactions below (alright, maybe 2 of those):
How awesome was your CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME experience?

Cupcake:  Well, considering I'm newly horned it was an honor to christen the dome, so to speak. Plus, the book was amazeballs.

Baby: It was a humdinger of a time. I'm still coughing up glitter! That thing is just like sand...gets EVERYWHERE! 

Are you happy with the book chosen for you?

Cupcake:  ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! This thing had a giant barbarian that fucked himself with a unicorn horn and became magical! It doesn't get much better than that.

Baby: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!
Do you have a favorite scene or character or something?

Cupcake:  It's a toss up between Vorgell and Petal. They'd both be handy to have around the house for prettification and clean up so… it's like Sophie's Choice. My favorite scene is when Vorgell yells "Battle!" and charges forth to save his friend. It reminded me of that silly Travolta movie Michael. That was the best part of that movie.

Baby: Hmm? *puts on thinking face, has cup of tea and stares into the fireplace* Yes! Sweet Cheesus, when Roe said that he and Travis were going to have some ass, I put on my FUCK YES suit and smut-alleluia shades and had a swell time. Okay that was one of my favorites. It's a toss up between the first I love yous, Roe's essay or Haley telling those bitches how it T-I motherfucking IS! Favorite character? After the bodacious MC's, I'm all about Haley. Maybe because she reminds me of someone and doesn't take no shit or suffer fools. She's my spirit animal.

 Was your challenger correct in choosing this book for you?

Cupcake:  Indeed. Baby knows me well. She has yet to… ohhhhpppp no, she has led me astray. Repeatedly. With her Amazonian freebies. But, she did not with this book.

Baby: Yup. Book is still lingering on my brain which means a great sign.
Why do you think your challenger chose this book for you?

Cupcake:  Hmmmm *Jeopardy theme music* Well, I think part of it was she loved it so much she wanted to share, but she knows I like a good fantasy and I think Petal and Vorgell had something to do with it as well. Baby knows how I feel big guys bottoming and mythical creatures and whatnot.

Baby: So many reasons. The top ones are a)I haven't read Heidi Cullinan yet, b) Cupcake knows Baby loves smut *growls* and quelt-worthy smut at that and c) Cupcake knows what Baby likes - good fiction- which this was.

Would you go back into CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME?

Cupcake:  This is a rhetorical question, yes?

Baby: Um, yeah. I getting my glitter regalia fitted right now. Plus, you know, swords. I love getting a chance to swing those around the ol' THUNDERDOME! THUNDERDOME! THUNDERDOME! (That never gets old, I tell ya.)

Do you think this is the end of the inaugural CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME! THUNDERDOME! THUNDERDOME!? You know Cupcake and Baby have more to say, right? We've reviewed the prospective books, check them out here on the blog if you're so inclined.

Thanks for watching our "book fight" as so termed by the lovely Tali Spencer. There are no losers in CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME! Only winners. We just met our new favorite books!

When's the next match? Soonish.
Who's up next? We know but you'll have to keep an eye to find out. 
Hint: the next set of books are le awesome. Want a better hint? Cowboys, kink and tattoos. Good enough? No, it's not Nowhere Ranch again. One's a historical.