CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME: Cupcake vs. Baby - Inaugural Match

Hear the monster trucks? See the pink and purple lights and lasers? The white clouds of smoke as the metal cage gets dropped over the arena? See the gay porn mascots, swishing their tails to the awesome beat of the unicorn glam rock band? The candy and chocolates being thrown in the air? The glitter bombs shooting across the sky?

This isn't a test, honey. You're not dreaming or hallucinating!


The unicorns have cordially invited you to witness our epic reactions to books that we love and think fellow unicorns would enjoy. They just haven't got to it yet.

Well, not anymore!


All the things happen inside the arena! Two readers enter! Two winners leave? Candy gets consumed? Naked mascots get groped?! What?

First up in the two person challenge is Cupcake vs. Baby! It's been a loooooooooong time cumming! (<~~~ See what I did there?)

Cupcake (OKW) has to read - Thick as Thieves by Tali Spencer

Baby (SRAL) has to read - Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan

Guess what? It's both our first virgin reads! Cupcake is Tali Spencer cherry popping! Baby's virgin sacrificing on Heidi Cullinan!

Cupcake: Why Nowhere Ranch?

a. Tis widely accepted that HC is Queen Shit of Fuck Mountain and Nowhere Ranch could arguably be her crowning achievement.
b. You're seriously asking me this? Wait til you've read it then you'll see and have egg on your face for waiting so long
c. Pony Play + Crazy stoooopid hot exhibitionism = MELT YOUR PANTIES OFF.

Baby will love because of these reasons. If not, I will buy her candy and all will be right with the world.  

Baby: Thick as Thieves by Tali Spencer - Why? Why the fuck not? This book is epic. It has genuine laughs, awesome characters, a rich fantasy world, and...and one kick-ass premise! A barbarian fucks himself with a unicorn horn. This is not a joke. The writing is rich, I say.

I picked this for Cupcake because I know she can dig Madd and his sarcastic ways, Vorgell's lovableness and Petal (I am pretty sure Cupcake's going drool love on her)! I have a feeling Tali Spencer's writing and Cupcake will go down like PB + J.

Stay tuned for our reaction post later this week! It's CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME! THUNDERDOME! THUNDERDOME!

P.S. We have other matches/challenges coming in the future! A thing of beauty to see unicorns in their battle gear, prepared to read! 



  1. I cannot believe Baby hasn't read NW before! Is she in for a treat!!!

    1. I have a list of authors I need to get to, you see. Heidi has been on there for the longest.

      Baby gets distracted by boys, Vrekeners and pirates sometimes. ;)

    2. You haven't read ANY Heidi? I'm SHOCKED! You better get on those!

  2. However, I still need to read Thick As Thieves so I'll be watching.

    1. I'd tell you to jump on it but I'm sure the entire universe knows I adore that book.

      So jump on it.