James Cox is BACK! An update from our first honorary Unicorn

The Clubhouse is a safe place, a haven of judgment free discourse and a place to open up and share your deepest darkest secrets.

Most of that statement is actually true, but we do love to judge and tease the hell out of each other, just like any other dysfunctional family. Never let any of them know your Kryptonite, because they, myself included, will use it against you at every turn. It’s hilarious. So, it’s not surprising that we rarely all agree on anything whether it be books, authors, movies, porn stars or embodiments of evil, I’m looking at you Natasha. And that’s OK, it keeps us on our toes and tests our boundaries. Everyone should be so lucky to have friends you can say ANYTHING too and they’ll love you anyway. They’ll give you shit, but they’re still going to love you.

There is one thing we all agree on, James Cox is the man.

He was our first Author of the Month and we couldn’t have been luckier to have him agree to come and play. Handsome Hero Wanted was our first chat (and my personal favorite). That book made BMBR official, we were galvanized by Handsome Heroes. Some of us were more appropriate about our appreciation than others (Justin), especially after reading James’ first Q&A with us. That led to some interesting placement of James and Justin’s unicorns, because the Clubhouse is also incredibly immature. It’s no accident that James’ unicorn is the only one that has been drawn standing up. When we read on FB that James was continuing the Handsome Hero storyline, we may have lost it a little and couldn’t resist hitting James up again for a visit. He is ALL kinds of gracious and came back to answer questions about his writing ritual (purrrr), his new series, The Triple Towers, starting with Heart of a Hero, AND the continuation of Handsome Hero Wanted.

Yes, James Cox is the man.

So, grab yourself a refreshing beverage, sit back and enjoy the words of Mr. James Cox . . . .

Hello Boy Meets Boy and all their fantastic readers, It’s my pleasure to stop by the site again. This time I’m here to answer a few naughty questions from the unicorns and talk a bit about my new series.

The Triple Towers is a futuristic world where environment has collapsed, the wealthy thrive and the poor are suffering. Two men find each other from opposite ends of this spectrum. Kallen is one of the poor, spending his childhood trying to survive outside of The Triple Towers. He has a chance to gain entrance into the towers but it calls for a major lie. In the end, he lies and gets his ticket to paradise. However, with that lie he is led on a while adventure that not only changes his life but the future of humanity in a barren world.

This first book in this series was just released on March 18th – Heart of a Hero. And of course, you know how I love adding those warnings! m/m sex, rimming, sex toys, spanking, bondage, here’s a brief peek into this wild adventure:

Lorn walked to the right side of the bed. He had his shirt in his hand and he wrapped the material around Kallen’s wrist then tied him to the short post. Lorn then walked to the left side, using a discarded pair of pants to hold his other wrist in place.

Kallen tugged at the bonds, they were tight enough to keep him there but not to cut into his skin. He lifted a brow and looked at Lorn. The man just smiled at him and planted a kiss on his shoulder. Kallen wasn’t sure what to expect but his dick was ready for anything. A white drop collected in a fold of his foreskin. “Now how am I going to suck you tied like this?”

Lorn clucked his tongue then climbed into bed. He straddled Kallen, their hard dicks inches from touching. Lorn grabbed his cock at the base and wacked it against Kallen’s.

It made Kallen grin and push his hips upward.

“A dick battle?”

Lorn chuckled.

Kallen shifted again. This time their lengths collided and sent a caress so strong Kallen shivered.

I hope you enjoyed that snippet. Book Two – Love in the Land of Blood and Bones is due out in late April. Book Three – A Need for Heroes is due out in late May. Now to the questions that the lovely unicorns asked:

1. Ok, so a quite a few of us are on FaceBook with you and we can’t help but notice that every time you start to write you mention that the pants are coming off, something that we encourage by the way. Give us a glimpse into your writing ritual.
I usually write at home after work, since I have a 9-5 job. For writing science fiction, I like my mind to roam which only happens when I’m relaxed. That means taking off the clothes! What’s better than that?! I live in an apartment so I’m sure someone’s getting a nice view, lol. It’s great to just take it all off, look out over Manhattan and pretend I’m in another world, another time, another universe. Besides, with my sex scenes, sometimes it’s so stimulating the big boy needs to breath. *G*

2. Did you ever have plans to make a sequel to Handsome Hero Wanted? If not, what made you change your mind?
I actually did not have plans to make a sequel. Handsome Hero Wanted was a one-book, fun story that just popped into my head. I loved the erotic world and it was a big hit with readers. Then I got several emails about how much readers loved the characters. What pushed me over was the email from Ann. The lusty Ann at Boy Meets Boy review’s emailed me about forming a group with other readers over how much they loved handsome Hero Wanted and how they were starting a review site. That touched me, (low and hard, lol). I decided then to try a sequel. Of course, then I was hooked on the world again and came up with two more stories. I’m currently writing the much-requested Lavender and Layden’s story – Handsome, Hard and Delicious.

3. Tell us about Heart of a Hero and your inspiration there.
I was just so fed up with how we’re abusing each other, humans hurting humans, hurting animals, hurting kids. I mean, sometimes the news is just so depressing I can’t watch it. So, out of all that, I decide to write something about how our future would look if we continued and how love could heal the wrong. Of course, one book turned into three. It seems to be a theme with me. But, I think over the course of those three books in The Triple Towers, I showcased the hope. Then I added numerous creative sex scenes because my cock likes to interrupt every aspect of my day. Thank God for that or I’d be boring as hell, lol.

Thank you so much for having me on your site again.

 Stay sexy and be naughty!

James Cox Heart of a hero buy links:
Evernight: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/heart-of-a-hero-by-james-cox/
All romance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-heartofahero-1453026-340.html
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Heart-Hero-Triple-Towers-James-ebook/dp/B00J2JNNCM/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1395191391&sr=1-1&keywords=Heart+of+a+Hero+James+Cox
Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/heart-of-a-hero-mm

A big thanks to James (aka Champion Fair Head) for coming by the Clubhouse again!

Also, just a little thing . . . did you see "the lusty Ann"?
Yeah, me too.
Totally getting a shirt made (and a mouse pad, mug and bumper sticker ).


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