Tough Love Blog Tour with Heidi Cullinan

TOUGH LOVE Release Date:
April 8, 2014

Book Three of the Special Delivery Series

It takes a strong man to be this fabulous.

Crescencio “Chenco” Ortiz pulled himself up by his garter straps after his father’s will yanked the financial rug from under his spank-me pumps. He doesn’t need anyone, yet when Steve Vance steps into his life, the prospect of having a sexy leather daddy on tap begins to take on a certain appeal.

There’s a hitch when he learns Steve is friends with Mitch Tedsoe—the half-brother Chenco never knew except through his father’s twisted lies. Despite his reservations, soon Chenco is living his dreams, including a performing gig in Vegas. Now if only he could get Steve to see him as more than just a boy in need of saving.

Steve’s attraction to Chenco is overshadowed by too many demons, ones he knows his would-be lover is too young to slay. Yet as he gets to know the bright, determined young man whose drag act redefines fierce, Steve’s inner sadist trembles with need. He begins to realize Chenco’s relentless tough love might be the only thing that will finally set him free.

Warning: This story contains glamorous drag queens, exhibitionist secondary characters, and no-holds-barred BDSM play, including watersports. Readers advised they may well leave this novel feeling uncharacteristically fierce.

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Excerpt on Heidi’s website

So, yeah, THIS is highly anticipated!!!!

That's like saying water is wet and ice is cold. Because, damn straight it's highly anticipated! We'll be posting our group review soon, but suffice it to say, for fans of this series, you will NOT be disappointed. If you have been playing along, you know the strength of this series is in the truly unique characters. Heidi has been kind enough to offer a Q&A with her characters and we decided we wanted to hear from the enigma that is Crabtree.

So, without further delay, because he is a busy man, we think, we're not really sure, we don't really know what he does in his "free" time, we're kind of afraid to ask . . . We present . . . Crabtree.

1. We learned in Tough Love you have a houseful of "pets", what can you tell us about them? Also, what do they do for you, what kind of satisfaction do they give you that you can't get elsewhere?
I have a number of pets, cats and humans both. The cats are all spayed and enjoy a safe, spacious environment. Some of them prefer to stay in an assigned zone, and some drift about. My human pets are all men, of varying ages though I admit in general of a certain range of shape. They do many things for me, sometimes only sexual, sometimes never sexual. I enjoy providing for them, and they enjoy being cared for. My reasons for keeping the feline and human pets are, generally, the same—excepting the sex. There is a certain kind of satisfaction which comes in owning and in being owned. For both cats and humans, being owned is a choice. Even when it's forced—something I never do—all it takes is an unwatched door, and captivity ends. But men in particular who choose to stay? Well. The kind of satisfaction they give me isn't something which transfers well in words. It must be shown.

2. What is your favorite fantasy? Have you ever acted it out? Details, please.
*chuckles* You're not ready for that, child.

3. When you were with Randy in the past, how did you know what Randy needed and why do you think he needed the connection with you in your 'playtime'? What did you need? How important was it to you to make sure Randy got what he needed from you?
Randy never had interest in being owned, but he does need to be marshaled, which he would be the first to tell you. When we first met, he very much needed a rudder. I enjoyed providing that for him. I have never needed anything from Randy.

4. Did you ever love Randy? Do you wish he was still 'yours'?
I have and still do love Randy, though I doubt as you're intimating. And darling, he was never anyone but Ethan's.

5. Do you have any regrets about disappearing and becoming someone else? Looking back, is there something you would have done differently?
I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

6. Have you managed to leave all of your old persona behind?
Again, I have no idea of what you're referencing. And I'm sure you don't want to ask anything more about it.

7. Dude, what's up with the cats? And the posters of cats? Does it really give you comfort to have those up in your office, you have to admit, that isn't exactly what people would expect. Do you do it just to throw people off balance if they come to see you?
*smiles at you and says nothing*

Thank you so much for your time Crabtree, it was . . . intimidating.

At this point we were summarily dismissed and still have no clue about what just happened, but isn't he great? We love his description of how Randy needed to be "marshaled", there really is no better descriptor than that. Crabtree remains an enigma, as well he should.


  1. Well that was interesting. I have to say Crabtree really grew on me in Tough Love.

    1. Me too! I doubt I could ever say I "understand" him, but I guess I "get" him a little more now.
      Sort of

  2. Sounds like Crabtree and I NEED to read this--BAD :D

  3. I love the character interviews on this tour--can't wait to read this!

    Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(Dot)com

  4. You're brave for choosing Crabtree ;)