Happy Hour Chat: Kamikaze Boys by Jay Bell

Jay Bell's Kamikaze Boys is the subject of this month's Happy Hour Chat. A majority of us unicorns gathered online (with a couple of unis gone astray), and here's what we had to say about this sweet and emotional YA-themed novel.

Jay Bell will be April's Author of the Month, so be on the lookout for more reviews of his books and an interview later this month!

Jenni Lea: OK, so I didn't read the book. Tell me why I should have. And...GO!
Justin: Because I said so that's why! ;)
Audrey: Quick copy/paste of the Kamikaze Boys blurb so that we have it handy!
Audrey: If the world is against you, don’t give up. Find yourself a kindred spirit. Then you can start fighting back. They say Connor, the one with the crazy eyes and creepy scar, tried to kill his old man. Lately he’s been seen hanging out with David, the gay guy who always eats lunch alone. They make an odd pair, the loser and the psychopath, and bad things happen to people who mess with them. Not that Connor and David are looking for trouble. Even when taking on the world, they seem more interested in each other than fighting. Kamikaze Boys is a story about breaking the chains that bind you and using them to beat down anyone that gets in your way. Better yet, it’s about holding hands with the guy you love while doing so.
Lorix: No Jo or Natasha :(
Ann: I'm sad about Jo and Natasha
Breann: I know. There goes half of our funny.
Ann: and random
Breann: and clowns.
Ann: i can do without the clowns thankyouverymuch
Audrey: Did you see the part in Kamikaze Boys where Connor was reading a book about KILLER CLOWNS??
Ann: YES! He was reading IT with Pennywise!!!
Sunny: I'm pretty sure I blanked that out, Audrey.
Audrey: That made me laugh out loud - for reasons.
Lorix: For the record I REALLY enjoyed this book, angst and all, and my heart didn't end up obliterated as it did with the Something Like Summer book. I may forgive Jay Bell yet....

Want to read more about how a character (almost!) kills someone, unicornian teenage shenanigans, and how a certain Stallion might want someone's weenie? Check out the conversation after the jump!

Thanks for checking out BMBR's April Happy Hour Chat! Grab some springtime beverages and check out the antics below. =)

Warning: This chat contains some spoilers!

Jenni Lea: Yeah but... it's YA! blech!
Breann: Is there anyone who just liked it? I think we're spilt between really liked it or really didn't.
Ann: I liked it mostly. I couldn't put it down which is saying something
Sunny: I liked parts of it a lot, but other parts...uh uh
Sunny: I was raging
Jenni Lea: Did it make you cry?
Breann: I was raging, but I liked the raging :D
Ann: I could have done without a lot of the drama and liked it more. It still would have had plenty of impact for me
Sunny: I was too mad to cry
Breann: no, i didn't cry
Audrey: ((I still have 11% to go...))
Ann: i dont cry
Sunny: I don't like raging, it stresses me out
Justin: No crying at all in this one.
Lorix: I nearly stopped reading when his arsehole Dr tricked him...and his dad, but I did forgive his dad in teh end.
Audrey: But so far, I came really close to DNF-ing when he went to the hospital.
Audrey: Yup, that part, Lori!
Ann: I'd still be pissed at my dad!
Sunny: He forgave dad too easily. I needed major groveling from him.
Breann: i don't know if he completely redeemed himself
Jenni Lea: Why were you all raging?
Justin: Audret the end is the best part!!!
Justin: Fucking Pinot Noir, cant type.
Ann: even if he gave me a car, the parents (well David's mostly) were a BIG FAIL!
Breann: i guess if my kid were driven to take a bat to a car... yeah i'd want them away from the SO... but a HOSPITAL?? NO!
Audrey: I'll finish it up afterwards, Stallion. :)
Lorix: Too caught up in his own stuff (dad) and worrying about his education - he wasn't seeing the big picture but I do think he was trying to.
Ann: His dad was an ass
Sunny: JL...*****SPOILER***** David screwed up one time and his dad tricks him into a treatment center where an evil doctor drugs him!
Lorix: If you look at it from his perspective, he was cool with his son's sexuality, didn't mind he had a boyfriend - but got all overprotective when David started doing crazy stuff.
Audrey: I was SOOOOOOOOO frustrated with some of the idiotic teenager behavior. And the "but he is the one, the absolute ONE, and OMG, I'm never leaving him and I'm 17!"
Breann: Yes! Their behavior was so typical dumb teenager!
Breann: But, again, I liked that
Ann: I was pretty stoked when David took the bat to the car. Sure it was stupid, but fuck it, he'd been taking everybody's crap forever and his pops blew it off
Justin: It all rang true to me. Been there, done that. Worked at Mickey D's, trashed a Mickey D's!
Breann: Yup! I was reminded of my own teenage antics *grimace*
Sunny: I was mad at their choices, even though I know it was typical teenage crap
Sunny: Justin!
Lorix: I was a good teenager. :( So boring.
Ann: At first I was like "where are the parents?" but then realized I was thinking like a parent. My parents NEVER knew what was up
Breann: I egged a taco bell once...
Jenni Lea: Uh... I dunno if I want to relive my teenage years. I was a HELLION!
Sunny: I was too much a goody two shoes. I partied, but there was no property damage involved.
Lorix: Me too Sunny.
Ann: YAH JL!
Breann: i can't believe i just admitted that
Lorix: Breann!
Ann: Let's go egg a Taco Bell RIGHT NOW!
Jenni Lea: YEAH! There's one within walking distance from my house!
Sunny: Ann! OMG... you guys are delinquents
Audrey: Dang, we'll need that bail fund for more than just the Jake Bass stalking!
Justin: We also trashed a sonic. Caused major damage to the speakers. Had to pay $$$
Breann: my hubby doesn't even know i did that because it was so STUPID! Gah.
Ann: I did A LOT of stupid shit. The trick is . . . not getting caught
Audrey: B, we are honored. :D
Ann: Is it wrong that the Stallion is totally turning me on right now?
Justin: Who knew Sonic had cameras in 1987?
Audrey: Can we hum "b-b-b-baaad to the bone" whenever Stallion comes into the clubhouse?
Sunny: lmao
Jenni Lea: I once snuck out of the house and drove to Oklahoma with two guys I just met. Then got caught sneaking back into my bedroom window. My stepdad took a 2x4 to the guys' windshield.
Breann: holy crap!
Ann: I love you JL
Lorix: JL!!
Lorix: No wonder you've all lead me astray. ;)
Sunny: holy crap, JL!
Audrey: JL, you're the best. :)
Lorix: Is sonic like an electrical store?
Breann: LOL, not it's a fast food place :)
Audrey: Sonic is a drive-up fast food joint, Lori! :)
Lorix: Lol - oh okay, not an electrical store then. :/
Breann: that would have been so badass though
Breann: not that a regular sonic isn't badass or anything
Justin: They bring your food out on roller skates at Sonic, Lori.
Ann: They have TOTS at Sonic
Jenni Lea: They have frito pie at Sonic. And limeades.
Audrey: The tots are awesome.
Lorix: So you guys could put your teenage heads on and empathise with David's choices?
Ann: I was totally down with David, especially when he lost his shit.
Sunny: see, I saw their choices and I kept yelling, "NO!" "NO! NO! NO!"
Audrey: Ditto, Sunny.
Audrey: That said, I did get this sunken feeling in my gut when Chuck showed up that time.
Audrey: Like...I could definitely SEE where David would feel beaten down until he'd need to lash out.
Ann: Exactly Audrey!
Justin: Chuck needed a dick up his ass!!
Breann: that he did!
Ann: Chuck WANTED a dick up the ass
Breann: that he did!
Audrey: He wanted DAVID'S. o_O
Sunny: I could totally understand David's rage.
Ann: I liked David's rage
Lorix: I could understand why David flipped
Ann: and a baseball bat
Justin: Yes a bat up his ass!!
Audrey: *shakes head* Y'all have been watching some kinky ass porn. :P
Lorix: and Connor, he loved David
Lorix: but you can't go around half killing people, even if they started it
Lorix: even for the one you love
Lorix: though try and hurt Big G or the kids and I may change my tune...
Sunny: I loved how much they got each other, and how sweet they were together
Breann: exactly!
Audrey: Lori, I was thinking the exact same thing.
Sunny: psycho love isn't good
Breann: I don't believe in using other people's mistakes to justify your own actions
Breann: no, i don't think they had a healthy relationship at all
Justin: it was a crime of passion
Breann: they were cray. cray for each other
Jenni Lea: How do you half kill someone?
Lorix: Sorry it's a really crappy english phrase.
Lorix: He beat him up good n proper!
Audrey: JL, the guy (Chuck) who beat up David was the guy whom Connor beat up enough to get an assault charge and thrown in jail. Chuck ended up unconscious.
Sunny: Connor beating up Chuck was a very realistic teenage reaction
Justin: If someone hurt one of my loved ones, I can see myself half killing them.
Ann: I thought they were as healthy as they could be given their maturity and the crap they had to go through
Ann: No adult would deal that well. I wouldn't deal that well
Lorix: I know, but the mum and teaching assistant in me was SCREAMING to tell an adult. Tell the police, tell someone...
Breann: me too, Lori
Ann: Adults were clueless then and they are clueless now
Jenni Lea: There seems to be lots of beatings and juvenile antics going on in this book. It sounds like it is truly a YA book.
Audrey: How much do you guys think the Kansas setting affected the plotline of homophobia?
Audrey: Do they not have gay/straight alliances in high schools?
Ann: I know NOTHING about Kansas. My perspective is all SoCal. Pretty much anything is OK here
Sunny: Kansas? I don't know. I think there are conservative pockets everywhere.
Breann: i have no idea
Sunny: I was okay with the story, even though I was upset, until David got put into that awful place. The story fell apart for me after that.
Lorix: I trust people and I don't know what I'd do if someone betrayed me like that.
Justin: Squirrel.......I liked the grannies
Ann: Grannies were awesome!
Sunny: grannies?
Audrey: They were cute. :)
Jenni Lea: Grannies?
Justin: The old lesbian couple
Ann: We had cleaning ladies once that reminded me of the grannies. They had the weirdest crush on CHB. It was awesome
Sunny: Oh, yeah... in Florida
Breann: Aw, yes, they were cute
Lorix: I totes liked them too.
Lorix: It was weird cos it kinda felt like two books spliced together
Lorix: but I thought that about the SLS book also.
Sunny: yes! That's what I thought, Lori
Breann: and they just wanted to go to Florida? What? You're still in HS and KIDS!
Sunny: I know, Breann! I'm like... you can't just do that!
Jenni Lea: I think SRAL said that in her review too, Lori
Justin: Speaking of SRAL......??????
Audrey: I thought it was AMAZING when Connor surprised David with the Florida trip, though.
Breann: the trip was fine, it was the living there bit!
SRAL: I'm here.
Sunny: lol, SRAL!
Justin: OK thought we lost you to tumblr
Sunny: TUMBLR?
SRAL: glittery cocks
Ann: I was confused about Conner getting his commercial license. That is KIND of a big deal
Breann: it's an epilogue, Ann. shit like that is posed to happen ;)
Sunny: Breann, agree about the trip, but that moving thing was a little crazy
Audrey: Yes, the moving was ridonkulous, but the trip itself was so romantic and thoughtful.
Lorix: Yeah B, it kinda went from...realistic, i suppose...to never in a million years!
Ann: They needed to move away though
Justin: I wasn't bothered by the move. Why stay with an AWOL dad and in a school with bullies?
Lorix: They did, I don't know I can't imagine it...though I suppose nearly adults, well Connor was an adult - how old was David?
Sunny: he wasn't even 18 and he was planning on moving out of state without talking to his parents?!
Breann: i still don't want to move away from my parents
Breann: but mine didn't send me to a hospital...
Sunny: it was like fantasyland
Jenni Lea: I moved out on my own at 17. I never went back either.
Justin: I moved as soon as I turned 18!
Breann: i'm sure kids move right away all the time. just not me (or my kids when they're old enough)
Sunny: I am so sheltered
Ann: David's mom clocked out and in reality, so did his pop.
Audrey: I definitely come from a different head space than they did.
Justin: I guess that's why I loved it. I could totally relate in almost every aspect.
Sunny: I don't think a kid who still has a year left in high school should be planning to move out of state without his parents.
Ann: Good Lord, I couldn't get out of my small town fast enough!
SRAL: Me neither Sunny.
Sunny: his home life wasn't that bad when they were making those decisions
Audrey: I was surprised that I was LESS squicked out for some reason.
Ann: I could totally see moving out in HS if that was his home life. What David had to deal with was NOT healthy
Audrey: What did you guys think of the sexytimes?
SRAL: I was surprised there was sex.
Ann: The sexy times didn't bother me at all. It seemed really realistic for the age
Lorix: Why SRAL?
Sunny: sexytimes...it definitely didn't feel like a YA story
Breann: i liked the sexytimes juuuuuuuust fine
SRAL: No it was YA sex. not graphic
Justin: Again I thought the sexy times were spot on for their age
Ann: The addition of the collar would have made it perfect huh B
Breann: *sigh* collars...
Lorix: Yeah, I think I said before teenagers have sex so that doesn't bother me.
Sunny: the sexytimes were spot on, but most YA books don't show it
Lorix: Though that might Ann!
Audrey: I thought I'd be bothered by the underage MC, but it wasn't super uncomfortable. I liked that it was a lot of thinking/feelings and not just graphic stuff.
Ann: I'm ok with YA sex as long as it seems age realistic
Lorix: Underage - because he was under 18?
Audrey: Yeah, 16, going on 17.
Breann: i think in this story i would have been okay with or without it
Justin: Too many labels. This had young characters but it wasn't a traditional YA book.
Breann: it was all about the teenage drama for me
Sunny: exactly, Justin
Lorix: It didn't feel YA to me either J
Sunny: I don't like teenage drama. at all.
Ann: It really seemed age appropriate which you dont see from enough YA books
Breann: do you mean the characters were or age appropriate for readers?
Ann: the characters were age appropriate
Breann: they definitely were!
Jenni Lea: I'm not really into teenage drama. I have enough of that crap at home.
Ann: They sounded like 16-19 year olds
SRAL: Young and oozing enough stupid out of their pores.
Ann: HAHAHA - poor JL
Breann: they tried to act older than they were, and, well, look at where that got them :/
Lorix: To me at 19, well you're an adult and capable of making adult decisions
Ann: They didnt have any parental guidance though. Both of them were on their own
Justin: Squirrel......Jay Bell is cute and I want to see his weenie!
Sunny: lol, J!
Breann: can we keep this in the chat??????
Breann: please??
Sunny: yes, please leave that in!
Ann: Please x infinity
Justin: lol
Lorix: YES!!!!
Ann: He'll be SO flattered
Justin: Just don't tell JC!
Jenni Lea: We should make it a law that it has to stay in the chat.
Lorix: AND send the link as per usual - with it HIGHLIGHTED!!
Audrey: heeee! That stays in, by unanimous unipornian decree!
Breann: we're going to have Jay Bell AND James Cox wanting the stallion
Lorix: I wouldn't do that to you JJ
Ann: JC will want a three-way
Breann: it'll be like the bachelor!!!
Lorix: Just JC - JB is married.
Ann: OMFG this will BE AWESOME
Justin: 3 way FTW!!!
Breann: we have to have a reality show where they fight over J
Audrey: Ooooh, they can hand out UNICORN DILDOS instead of roses.
Sunny: lmao
Ann: Everybody will be fighting over J!
SRAL: Daisy Chain?
Breann: with oil wrestling for the win!
Ann: OIL WRESTLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​
Justin: *boing*
Ann: J likes wrestlers
Ann: I need more sangria
Jenni Lea: I like wrestlers too. Especially the oil wrestlers
Sunny: So, Lori, other than our friends who moved out at 17, imo, most American kids are not ready to live on their own by 19.
Ann: I was out
Sunny: I'm looking at my kids and their friends, and 19 would be cutting it very close. How are they paying rent?
Breann: i moved out at 19. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, I was completely finacially supported by my parents, so I'm not sure that counts
Ann: It kinda counts
Lorix: It's changing more over here now, we used to leave schoola at 16 unless went into further education
Justin: I have been on my own and COMPLETELY self sufficient since I turned 18. Was basically self sufficient from 16 but still living ubder my parent's roof.
Ann: 16 seems like a lifetime away from 19
Breann: that's kind of amazing!
Audrey: Major props, Justin!
Lorix: Big G's been working since he was 14 - around school for some of it but as soon as he was nearly 16 he was in full time work. :)
Breann: I was so not independent enough to be completely by myself
Jenni Lea: I've been on my own and self sufficient since I was 17.
Ann: Big G and J are studs
Lorix: They are.
Lorix: Now I think that seems so young, at the time - well teenagers feel completely adult and fearless right?
Breann: they do. scares me to death
Breann: when i think of my kids
Justin: My senior year of HS I was in the work study program. I left school at 11 and went to work.
Lorix: 11 - bloody hell J, that is young. :)
Justin: 11:00 am
Sunny: lol...
Breann: lol!
Ann: hehehe
Lorix: PMSL!!
Justin: PMSL
Breann: you should have stuck with age 11!
Breann: yup, that was me! on my own since 11, no big.
Lorix: I was thinking - wow HERO!
Justin: I love us so much
Lorix: Especially the thick one from England, right?
Sunny: are we cutting all this non-book stuff out?
Sunny: can't stop laughing
Audrey: "Justin was very...precocious." -- every teacher on every report card
Justin: weenie
Lorix: back to the book - right
Ann: Ok, now back to the book
Breann: *blows raspberry*
Lorix: it's nearly 2am for some of you I have no idea how you're still awake.
Audrey: Okay, book stuff!!
Breann: okay, okay
Audrey: Semi-related book stuff: I don't usually cast characters in my head, but Channing Tatum totally popped up in my head for Connor.
Lorix: So Connor & David - too destructive or cute?
Lorix: I have to say I did like their relationship
Sunny: cute...I want them to be together, but they need to grow up fast
Lorix: Connor just needed to dial it back a bit.
Ann: Not super realistic, but I liked them a lot and I want it to be truwuv
Audrey: Cute, but not sure if it'll last HEA, to be honest.
Breann: they were cute. just made really bad decisions, even if they were dealt a crappy homelife
Justin: I love Jay Bell and his books so this was a slam dunk for me!
Ann: You just like his weiner
Justin: That I do
Breann: oh, i loved it! even though i was infuriated, I couldn't put it down
Lorix: BUT hopefully they've learnt from their mistakes.
Ann: I couldnt put it down either. I started it on Tuesday
Lorix: They weren't slackers, they wanted to get on in life.
Lorix: Oh and can we talk about graduation
Lorix: Especially the gown....
Justin: If it gets me all emo, it's a great book!
Audrey: It's super interesting how it generated such strong reactions from us, though.
Lorix: and what wasn't under the gown...
Ann: I think that's what I like about the MM. They were still MEN in the end
Lorix: Yes Ann
Ann: I love the commando gown
Breann: me too!
Ann: s'hot
Lorix: I really loved the commando gown. There was something super kinky about that!
Breann: i also loved how David got Conner to go to his graduation
Lorix: Yes
Ann: That was very sweet
Breann: he didn't let him wallow around about it
Audrey: Do you think Connor was watching David for a while? Like...had a crush or something?
Ann: I think he was
Sunny: I'm just glad they all graduated
Lorix: Hmmm, I don't know
Breann: i think so, cause he just popped up one day
Ann: They really were a perfect balance for each other
Justin: Yes Audrey. That is what I thought. Crush from a distance
Lorix: I think he was just a boy with the WRONG bad reputation who wants to save people.
Ann: Conner was a total caretaker
Breann: definitely misunderstood
Ann: that's what David said!
Lorix: He couldn't help his dad (or so he thought) so he turned his attentions to david...then fell in love.
Sunny: I liked Connor
Ann: Me too
Lorix: I LOVED Connor
Justin: Loved Connor!
Lorix: I also liked Davids other friend - I quite like oddball characters
Breann: i loved them both!
Sunny: Oh, and I liked Gordon...when he gave David that book? That was awesome.
Breann: he was so cute! I wanted to just squish him
Ann: Gordon was a crack up and really a good friend
Justin: No kidding.... the friend who was banging the MILF
Lorix: And rung Connor to tell him it was David's birthday.
Ann: Go Gordo
Lorix: I liked Gordon alot.
Audrey: That was HILARIOUS, Justin.
Justin: Gordon was a horndog
Lorix: Yeah and it wasn't odd to him. I loved that
Breann: i was waiting for him to get all pissy about David having a new BF
Lorix: I was too Breann, but he didn't - go Gordon!
Sunny: I also liked Connor's little brother, he was cute
Breann: *high five gordon*
Ann: He was Sunny
Justin: Me too Sunny
Lorix: I didn't like Connor leaving him though because he'd kinda looked after him while his mum was at work and then he left. :(
Sunny: yeah, but Dad was getting back on track and mom was getting better hours at work
Breann: that was sad, but i'm glad he didn't stay just for him though. he's gotta live his own life sometime
Ann: I hear ya Lori. I kept telling myself though that it wasnt his job
Lorix: I know. It just made me sad - though it shouldn't because he wasn't Connor's responsibility in the first place, at least he shouldn't have been.
Justin: Quotes?
Justin: Mine: “Just be careful. Passion is a bridge that connects love and hate. When you're standing in the middle of that bridge, don't let yourself get turned around. You've got to make sure you know which direction you're heading. Watch yourself.”
Sunny: I liked that one, too, J
Ann: That time that one guy said that thing. It was awesome
Jenni Lea: I like that quote Ann
Ann: zactly
Breann: "I love the idea of two guys hooking up!" ... "Guys are always going on about lesbians, and it used to irritate the hell out of me until I saw my first gay porn"
Ann: GAY PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunny: Way to distract Ann, Breann ;)
Breann: "I keep pressuring shawn to let one of his guy friends go down on him while I watch"
Breann: I liked Sabrina here
Ann: I liked Wade too
Lorix: Wracking my brains - Wade??
Ann: Wade was the guy Conner shared the cell with that read all the books and was Conner's friend and punched him in the eye
Audrey: "If there was one thing he wouldn't let the world make him afraid of, it was his feelings for Connor."
Lorix: Oh yeah - Wade, I loved Wade. He was really cool. I wanted Connor to stay in touch with him.
Breann: After the dancing "David was right. This was paradise"
Audrey: Let's wrap it up maybe? Unless there's something burning you up and want to discuss?
Jenni Lea: Soooooo.... should I read this book?
SRAL: It's not a bad book.
Sunny: The rebel in you might like it, JL
Justin: Yes, JL. I don't think you'll LOVE it but I think you'll like it.
Lorix: Is it just cos it's YA that it puts you off, cos it really isn't typical YA.
Ann: It was really good JL and I'm not normally a YA fan. It was REALLY well written
Lorix: I think you should give it a go JL.
Audrey: This is gonna sound super nitpicky, but there were multiple editing errors...Connor called David GREG once.
Ann: WHAT Audrey? I did find some weird editing things though
Breann: I don't remember that!
Audrey: It's not bad, but not my thing. I didn't enjoy it - probably a 2 star "it was okay" experience for me.
Lorix: I don't remember that.
Ann: I wouldn't really call it YA. Like super duper mature YA on reflection
Justin: Y'all must be buying your books at the good will b/c my book was PERFECT just like the author!
Sunny: Connor told Tommy to show Greg (David) his transformers
Lorix: Though it is one thing with the M/M genre - I do find more editing errors than in mainstream fiction so I kinda overlook a lot of them.
Breann: i just searched and I found what sunny found :)
Lorix: Unless the story is crap or there are too many of them.
Sunny: but greg was the neighbor kid, I think
Ann: Who the actual fuck is Greg?
Breann: yeah, it was a neighbor
Jenni Lea: If it has teenage shenanigans and teenage angst in it then it is YA. blech!
Justin: What YA book are we reading next?
Sunny: lol, Justin!
Breann: YA FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin: ROTF
Jenni Lea: NO MORE YA!!!!!!!
Sunny: just no teenage drama, PLEASE!
Audrey: Any last thoughts on Kamikaze Boys? Loved, hated, want more of?
Breann: loved!!
Breann: in general
Justin: I have a nomination. This is after the blurb: Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
SRAL: No YA for May, July and August. That was agreed upon
Audrey: Justin, that is a resounding endorsement. ;)
Breann: no quidpro quo??
Sunny: even though I was raging, I liked it until the treatment center
Ann: I still dont know who Greg was
Ann: Fuck Greg
Lorix: I liked it.
Breann: you need more wine
Justin: Go back to sleep Ann
SRAL: Kamikaze Boys - Not a bad book.
Jenni Lea: You tell em Jet!

Ann: I'm not SLEEPING

Thanks for checking out the April Happy Hour Chat! Have you read Kamikaze Boys by Jay Bell? Are your feelings all over the place like ours were?

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For individual unicornian thoughts on the book, check out these reviews on Goodreads:

Ann: 4 hearts
Audrey: 2.3 hearts
Breann: 5 hearts
Justin: 5 hearts
Lorix: 5 hearts
SheReadsALot: 3.33 hearts
Sunny: 2.5 hearts

Note: This chat has been edited for length and clarity.

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