Review: Welcome to the Dark Side by James Cox

What happens when an innocent is sent to the dark side? Anarchy is the new leader of hell. He doesn’t believe a young new arrival, Josh, can be a cold-blooded killer. He intends to find out why Josh killed two men and if he deserves the tortures of hell or the peace of heaven. If Josh has to be chained, naked and about to burst from pleasure to tell the truth, well then so be it.

Be Warned: m/m sex, flogging, bondage.

Free Read!

I don’t normally read paranormal, horror, or BDSM books because I usually don’t enjoy them. 
So why did I take a chance and read Welcome to the Dark Side? Because it was a James Cox book and that meant 
it had to be good. James Cox writes to entertain so I trusted that I would enjoy this and I did.

After ruling Hell for an eternity, the Devil did the unthinkable and fell in love. This led to his retirement
as the Ruler of the Underworld and he left his right hand man, Anarchy, in charge of Hell. Anarchy has been ruling Hell 
for the last 100 years and he's been carrying on the Devil's legacy. 

Anarchy embraces his job of dishing out punishment to those who come before him to be judged and he seems to 
enjoy his role very much. When a very young and innocent looking lad named Josh comes before him, Anarchy can't help but question
whether the boy is really guilty of the cold blooded murder that sent him to Hell in the first place. There's something
about Josh that makes Anarchy question his guilt. Unable to get a direct answer from Josh, Anarchy sends him to his 
private residence with a plan to coerce the truth out of him on way or another.
 Anarchy finally gets the truth from Josh and then Anarchy has a major decision to make…..

This is a HOT and kinky little book that ends on a sweet note. 

If you haven’t tried a James Cox book, this one would be a good one to try. 

It’s short and it’s free. Come on, what in the HELL do you have to lose? :D

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