Sunday Funday!!!

We unicorns are not just about books...though we love them dearly. They are precious...


My Precious...

*snaps out of the Gollum haze*

We like other fun subjects and topics too! Sometimes we go hunting on the internet and unicorn sanctioned websites*coughs*tumblr porn*coughs* and find interesting things.

Two things I discovered (one recent, the other not so much):

Bro...totes srusly!

Um...I'm not gonna ask if you complete this as a science project--The UM chants: "FOR SCIENCE!"

But please know we might wear lecherous grins if you do.   ;P

And on a more serious(?) note, I am addicted to a lot of shows actually. But an addictive timesucker for me is Mr. Matthew Lush. He has two vlogs on YouTube - "GayGod" & "Lush"- a co-vlog with he and his adorable boyfriend, Nick.  They are all PG-ish, so smutsters don't go searching for porn. (UM collectively sighs)

Some clips are sexy, some funny, some sad but one thing I can tell you, I can't watch just one. They're like your favorite sugar treat. Let us know if you liked any of my finds. ;)

Once a week, one (or more) of us unicorns will share something interesting that can be found on the web.

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