Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - K.A. Merikan

The Merikans are here! The Merikans have arrived! And they're not empty-handed! They've dropped off a fun flash fiction for all to enjoy! Let them know what you thought about it below! plus Dreamspinner Press is giving away a lil sumthin' sumthin' for a partier's grab bag! Check it out!

Jeremy was on his fifth coffee. Or had it been only the third one since the new day started at midnight? It didn’t matter as long as the caffeine made his heart beat fast to transport adrenaline all over his body. His chair was deceptively comfortable, and he was starting to consider switching to something simple, with no padding and a lot of edges, just so that he wasn’t so tempted to let his head fall back.

He’d been playing for sixteen hours straight just to finally get to the last boss, Vuxogon. The villain lived in a dark tower surrounded by dark clouds and even darker rain, but Jeremy was climbing up its tall walls, and in a matter of seconds, he would be reaching the window leading to Vuxogon’s lair.

He wiped his sweaty hands against his pants as the introductory animation started, and he allowed himself to squeeze his eyes a few times in order to relax the muscles around them. Still, sand was a prominent presence under his eyelids.

The camera dove into the large room at the top of the ancient tower, presenting the huge fireplace filled with flames, the colorful flags of kingdoms subservient to Vuxogon’s empire. And then there was the man himself—a dark, brawny presence standing behind a silk curtain that divided the chamber in two.

Vuxogon looked over his shoulder with a frown, a large copper bath steaming right next to him. “Oh. I wasn’t expecting you so soon,” he said in the same dark voice Jeremy had heard him use on the battlefield.

Before Jeremy could even lift his sword to seize the moment and cut the head of the beastly man, Vuxogon spun around, and his dick swung into view.

Jeremy stilled, his brain pixelating when Vuxogon’s large hand touched his bare—where the hell was his armor?—chest.

Vuxogon smirked and leaned closer, planting a kiss on Jeremy’s lips. “If I’d known it was you, I would have surrendered long ago.” The words were more like a purr, and Vuxogon licked along the seam of Jeremy’s lips.

Pleasure jolted throughout Jeremy so abruptly, he jerked away, only to see his IKEA lamp swing over his head.

A female voice was calling his name, but when his chair crashed to the floor, all he had in answer was a weak grunt.

“Jeremy! What are you doing at five in the mornin—” Mom gasped looking down at him, only to storm back into the corridor. “Cover yourself, for God’s sake!”

Still groggy, and with a stiff, aching back, Jeremy looked first at the clear outline of his erection, and then at Vuxogon’s face grinning at him from the computer screen.

He needed to lay off the coffee. “Sorry, mom!”

Pretty fun, right? Let the Merikans know what you thought of computer guy below!

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