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Lots of specialness is about to descend upon you all with this post. We have L.J. Hayward here today with an adorable flash fic AND she's revealing the cover of WHY THE DEVIL STALKS DEATH (Death and the Devil, #2) AND she's giving away an eARC of it to a lucky reader!

It's ok to freak out now. Just be sure to enter in the giveaway below before or after you hyperventilate. 

The Grand and Epic Love Adventures of Rupert, French Bulldog
by L.J. Hayward

“Is there anything I can do to help?”
            Have there ever been any more potentially disastrous words in all of history? Maybe What does this button do? but that’s probably about it. I wonder if this fits in here is close, too. They all pale in comparison to Is there anything I can do to help? though.
            I should’ve kept my big mouth shut, but no. So here’s me, chasing Rupert the French bulldog across the dog park, sounding queerer and queerer with every horrified, voice cracking “Rupert!” as the horny devil tries it on with anything within reach of his short but speedy legs.
            “That dog’s a menace,” Man-bun snaps, prying his Cocker Spaniel out from under Rupert’s valiant but doomed aspirations for a leggy redhead.
            “It’s not my dog.” Perhaps stopping to defend myself to the handsome hipster isn’t the best way to catch Rupert because his snorty-huffy pants fade away while I ogle.
            Man-bun stalks off, fur-baby Cocker cradled in his arms. Doesn’t even give my arse a first glance as he goes.
            My own aspirations of ever getting humped dwindling, I resume the chase.
            At least I’m not the only twit yelling after a runaway. As Pierre dashes for freedom, I realise I’ve lost Rupert again. If there’s one thing worse than chasing a dog with his lipstick on permanent show, it’s a lone guy wandering around a dog park sans dog, having the terrible thought that he could just leave and no one would know.
            Closer and way more scandalised, the shout pulls me up. Well, hello. A nicely displayed rear waggles about as the owner rummages in a bush. Running shorts, long legs, curly hair on deliciously rounded and firm calves. Suddenly Rupert’s not the only one with a lipstick problem.
            “Is there anything I can do to help?” Stupid mouth.
            “Yeah.” Running Shorts straightens and stares worriedly into the bush. “You could find the owner of the black Frenchie who’s currently humping Pierre.”
            He smells like man-sweat, grass and... Old Spice? Be still my wobbly knees. Then the words sink in.
            “Black Frenchie?” I focus on the happily grunting French bulldogs. The one on the bottom is white with black ears and the one on top... “Rupert!”
            “That’s your dog?”
            “No. He’s my elderly neighbour’s. I’m helping her out with Rupert, and cleaning, and... stuff.” First impressions and all, but surely one out of three is fair.
            Running Shorts stares at me and I get lost in his glorious brown eyes. Then he smiles and I’m melting, melting, MELTING!
            “Me too. Well, Pierre’s my sister’s dog. She just had a baby and I figure this is easier than changing nappies, right?”
            He could have said This is easier than murder for all that my “Right” was in response to anything other than everything about him. Perfection wrapped up in a perfect package with a perfect bow.
            “Though this seems... complicated.” His musing voice is low, rumbly and best applied to my belly. He waves at the sated and cuddly Frenchies, their smooshed-up snouts pressed together.
            “Perhaps we could discuss it over coffee?” At my place. In my bed. Or over that log just there!
            Running Shorts smiles like I spoke aloud—did I?—and says, “Sounds perfect.”

Awwww PUPPY LOVE!!! Be sure to let L.J. know what you thought of her fic in the comments below and we unicorns thank her for joining in the shenanigans and making our 5th special.

Hello all!! I’m L.J. Hayward, author of the Death and the Devil series, and I’m so excited to be here, helping Boy Meets Boy Reviews celebrate.

Happy fifth birthday to all the beautiful unicorns! XOXOXO

I don’t know if this constitutes a gift, but I couldn’t think of a better place to reveal the cover and blurb of the new Death and the Devil full length novel!! Why the Devil Stalks Death continues the story of Jack Reardon, spy, and Ethan Blade, assassin, two damaged but well-equipped men trying to survive their jobs, and each other. With no further ado . . .

Jack Reardon uncovers secrets for a living, and the Meta-State spy is pretty good at it. Or rather he thought so until he met Ethan Blade—assassin, warrior, enigma. The unlikely pair have decided to give living together a shot, but Jack’s not entirely certain what he’s gotten himself into—or exactly who he’s in it with.

Jack’s worries are compounded when he’s assigned to a police strike force hunting a serial killer. With each new puzzle piece, Jack considers the true nature of a serial killer—and how similar it is to an assassin. To one particular assassin who’s having trouble adjusting to retirement. Jack’s unsure how to help Ethan—or if he even can.

When the killer strikes close to home, Jack must race against the clock to stop another murder, despite the price someone has put on his head. Could the matters be connected? Is a certain assassin at the centre of both? Surrounded by killers, the only one Jack wants near disappears, leaving Jack drowning in secrets. He’ll have to do what he does best—unravel the secrets, including Ethan’s—to stop the killer and save the life he and Ethan have only just begun to build.

One lucky commenter will receive an eARC of Why the Devil Stalks Death, so be sure to leave your email to enter the draw. Entries close in 72 hours.

Why the Devil Stalks Death will be released on December 9th. Follow L.J. Hayward on Twitter @lj_hayward, sign up for her newsletter or follow her blog at for more news.

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