Review: Fangs for the Memories (Dead and Breakfast #2) by Julia Talbot

One wolf lost his memory, but they’ll both lose their hearts.

Bitten werewolf Tom owes the folks at the Dead and Breakfast big for saving his life. So when they ask for help with a rogue wolf on the premises, he’s happy to do his part….

Though he isn’t quite prepared for what he’ll find.

Werewolf Nathan lost everything to a sadistic kidnapper—his freedom, his memories, and maybe even his ability to be human. But as soon as he meets Tom, he knows he might be able to reclaim his life. And even a turned wolf like Tom feels the mating call. The trouble is, Tom isn’t the only one who wants Nathan, and they’ll need help from all their supernatural friends at the D & B to defeat a powerful enemy and keep their love—and themselves—alive.

Oh how this pains me to give such a rating but for some reason, unlike the first book Fangs and Catnip, I just wasn’t feeling it with this sequel.

Don’t get me wrong. I still find the entire premise charming - a B&B that caters to the supernaturals, portraying plenty of fun characters that now boasts the addition of a magpie, a raven, a fox, and an imp! This go around focuses on Tom, who we saw in book one and is now a successful werewolf who’s made it his life’s calling to help other shifters in need. When he gets a call from his old friends Tanner and Connor, Tom doesn't hesitate to help them with a rogue wolf prowling the Dead & Breakfast’s property. Tom for sure never expects to find his perfect match in the process who unfortunately, is caught up in some very awful evil.

Having originally listened to Fangs and Catnip, I think this sequel would totally benefit from another audio by Dorian Bane, as he lent an authenticity and dramatic flair to the quirky humor and endearing qualities of each shifter character. It seems though, that DSP has stalled on producing more audios for their Beyond line which is terribly terribly disappointing and thus, we might not get an audio for this book. By actually reading this, the over the top silliness was made all the more blatant, and the constant “mate, lover, mate, honey, mate, love, mate” (can you tell that mate was used here no less than 100 times in conversation??) drove me a bit wonky.

For those of you who fancied the first book, I have no doubt you’ll like this sequel for similar reasons, especially as this continues mostly in the same vein as a cute and sexy romantic romp. Alas for me, the different “reading” experience was just too stark, and my enjoyment just couldn’t be stoked to previous levels.

Thank you to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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