Review: Soul Bond by J.S. Harker

Stealing his heart.

As a thief and a warlock, Noah survives by using his wit and charm to prey on the privileged. His dangerous criminal boss wants an enchanted dagger belonging to a family of wealthy mages, including their pampered—but handsome—son, Ben. Failing to complete the job will be hazardous to Noah’s survival.

Noah bumps into Ben at a lavish party, and as soon as they meet, the connection’s undeniable, and it goes much further than ordinary attraction. Their bond reaches into their souls, entwining and changing their magic.

Which Noah thinks he can use to get to the dagger. After all, he isn’t sure this soul bond Ben seems so obsessed with is even real.

He also doesn’t count on being caught red-handed…. Or falling in love.

Another winner in the Dreamspun Beyond series and this one really balanced out the paranormal with the fluff so darn well. I was hooked on Noah and Ben immediately and was ready to learn all about Mages, Warlocks and the mythical/unattainable soul bond.
It isn’t possible. It is a story.
Being a hopeless romantic I am head over heels for the possibility that fate has one person out there for you and that usually, it’s the least person you’d expect. Maybe it’s because my husband and I on paper don’t make sense at all and yet we’re going on two decades together or maybe it’s just me being in love with love and watching fools fall… you know? Either way, the idea of fated mates or magical beings that can bond to one another that creates a romance far beyond the normal really turns my crank.

Being told with dual POV’s we get Noah first as he goes from a waiter at a high class Mage party into a bathroom to use magic to change his appearance. The description of the act was perfect down to the smell that happens when magic is used and we begin to know what Noah who is not a mage is doing at this party. It appears he has a job to do and that job is to steal a dagger. We aren’t told right away if being a thief if Noah’s normal MO but we are introduced to one hell of sexy man that turns Noah on at first looks and stirs his magic more than anyone ever has.

Oh but I adored Ben! Sure he is the son of a powerful Magus, but Ben is truly his own man. He is a fellow hopeless romantic and believes in the soul bond and has been searching for the man who would be his everything. When he spots Noah at the party and they touch, the spark is undeniable and even the knowledge that Noah is about to steal from his family doesn’t stop Ben in pursuit of what most believe will never be found.
“A soul bond is a rare occurrence. Some seek it their whole lives. Some believe they achieve it, only to discover someone else.”
“But it’s just a story.”
“Didn’t use to be. Once upon a time, everyone could find their mate if they tried.”
I am not going to ramble per my usual about this, but trust me I could. I loved every bit of this book to the masquerade element of Noah changing his appearance at the party to the Cinderella aspect of leaving his coat behind and Ben coming after him. I loved the opposites attract trope with not only Ben being a mage and Noah being a warlock, but the men being from opposite sides of the magic society and still choosing their bond and love above everything. This was super romantic full of suspense regarding the dagger Noah was to steal and what it will cost him if he doesn’t complete the job. It was amazing with these two as they learn what their magic can do when they are together and how to control it. It was beautiful to witness the intense and intimate moments between them and how I hope in my heart they begin to change the way their worlds react to each other and one day blend together to be stronger.

I simply loved this story of Ben and Noah and wish them nothing more than a bond that even the stills can’t break and many more breathtaking moments of love.

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