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Help Hudson Lin celebrate the release of her new book in the World of Love series by Dreamspinner Press. Find out more about about this contemporary romance below!

Five Behind the Scenes Facts about Three Months to Forever

Hi! I’m Hudson Lin and this is the blog tour for Three Months to Forever. There’s always so much involved with writing a story that doesn’t necessarily make it into the book itself. Here are five behind the scenes facts about my new book!

1.       The premise of Three Months to Forever is that Ben is sent on a three-month work assignment from Toronto to Hong Kong. This is based on my own experience of going on a three-month work assignment to Hong Kong! Many of the places Ben visits and foods he tries are taken directly from my own time in the city.

2.      Sai’s full Chinese name is Kwok Sai-hei (郭世屭). Translated into English, his name means generation of gigantic strength. It’s a prescriptive name, given the extraordinary expectations his father has for his life.

3.      Sai and Ben meet at an event hosted by InterNations. This is a real organization with chapters around the world that seek to connect ex-patriots who are living far from their homes. It’s a great resource and I’ve been a member of few different chapters over the years.

4.      Sai and his friends frequent a gay bar called LINQ in the Sheung Wan neighborhood. When I lived in Hong Kong, I walked past the bar almost every day and had no idea it was a gay bar! I only realized years later while I was researching for this story.

5.      Ben and Sai’s sexual relationship has some elements of BDSM, which was completely unintentional! It was only after I’d finished writing the book did I recognize the dom/sub dynamic between them. Now, can you guess who is the dom and who is the sub?

Excited to read Three Months to Forever yet? I hope you are! Three Months to Forever is available now!

Three Months to Forever Blurb

Ben is looking for an adventure when he accepts a temporary assignment in Hong Kong, but he never anticipated how his life might change when he meets a sophisticated older man named Sai. Their initial attraction is sizzling and soon grows into more as Sai takes Ben on a tour of the city’s famous landmarks and introduces him to the local cuisine. Sai stimulates Ben’s intellect and curiosity, and for jaded corporate lawyer Sai, Ben’s innocent eagerness is a breath of fresh air. It would be so easy to fall in love….

But nothing is that simple. Sai’s job forces him to do things that violate his morals, and his relationship with his family is a major obstacle to any lasting relationship with Ben. Back in Toronto, Ben’s father is ill, and can he really leave behind his home for a man he’s only known for a short time? With the clock ticking, they must decide whether to risk it all and turn three months into forever.

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About Hudson Lin

Hudson Lin was raised by conservative immigrant parents and grew up straddling two cultures with ofttimes conflicting perspectives on life. Instead of conforming to either, she has sought to find a third way that brings together the positive elements of both.

Having spent much of her life on the outside looking in, Hudson likes to write stories about outsiders who fight to carve out their place in society, and overcome everyday challenges to find love and happily ever afters.

When not engrossed in a story, Hudson knits, drinks tea, and works the 9 to 5 in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada.

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