Review: The Necromancer's Reckoning (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3) by S.J. Himes

Every action has consequences.
For a decade, Angel Salvatore has been the most powerful sorcerer and only necromancer in all the Northeast. Never one to ask permission nor apologies, he has acted with near impunity for years.
Until now.
The High Council of Sorcery has come to Boston, and Angel is their target. Charged with numerous violations of practitioner laws, his freedom and family are placed in jeopardy.
If found guilty, Angel's apprentice Daniel will be imprisoned to serve out the remaining years of his apprenticeship. Isaac, his brother, is too vulnerable to be left unguarded, and Angel fears for his sanity and health. And Simeon, Elder vampire and Angel's mate, refuses to see Angel convicted under the laws of the Council and his actions to keep Angel free threaten to start a war that could destroy their world. And Angel faces the severest of punishments—the castration of his gifts.
The Council has never cared for the people of Boston, and Angel doubts their motives. They have come for some insidious reason, and it has nothing to do with upholding the law and everything to do with Angel.
Dealing with an impending trial, a wayward ghost, and a graverobbing ring of thieves leaves Angel on the edge. He thinks he may have a handle on things until violence erupts across the city, and a stranger comes to town...a stranger with his own dark powers of necromancy.

This series just gets better and better, and what I love about this is the complex world that’s full of sorcerers and vampires and all sorts of supernatural beings that live in a tentative harmony with humans. Here, it’s that very harmony that is threatened when the High Council of Magic, a powerful entity that governs practitioners, expresses a not so friendly interest in our hero, Angel.

There’s not really any point in rehashing the plot. If you haven’t started this series, then I highly recommend delving into Necromancer’s Dance where it all begins. What I will say is that this is fast paced, full of action and magic, and never short on the power plays encompassing the complex magical/supernatural hierarchy that abounds.

Bit by bit, Himes reveals more about this fascinating AU and it wasn’t nearly enough. Let’s just say Angel and Simeon continue to make a formidable pair, and it’s their very bond that is coveted for nefarious means. However, they’re nobody’s pawn, and whoever deigns to think they’ll easily submit or succumb are in for a brutal rude awakening.

This had some editing issues for those who need to know. It was also more lite on the smex than the previous installments. However, those things hardly mattered. There’s enough to propel the reader through, including blossoming romances regarding brother Isaac and vampire master Batiste, as well as a nice nudge for apprentice Daniel towards an enigmatic fae. AND don’t forget the bestest cutest dragon familiar ever who steals every scene he’s in! I love you Eroch!

So, I obviously enjoyed this. The only thing that sucks donkey balls is the unknown amount of waiting I'll have to endure until the next book comes out! Darn!

Thank you to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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