Audiobook Blog Tour: Polished by Alyssa Turner

Welcome Alyssa Turner who's here today to tell us about her popular MMF romance novel Polished being released in audio format. Find out more below and ICYMI here's our review of the ebook.

I’ve always been mystified by men.  Maybe it’s my single-parent-mother upbringing. A lack of testosterone around the house growing up had me wondering how males were different. I figured the whole peeing standing up was just the tip of the iceberg. There were probably secret guy codes and rules. They likely talked about things together that would never come up when I was around. Soon, I found myself seeking conversation with boys just to understand what made them tick. 

Many, MANY years later, I still adore delving into the male mind and looking through male eyes at the world by way of my characters.  The teenage girl living somewhere inside of me is still enthralled with the secret lives of men.  I love their dialogue, their quirks, their swagger and their vulnerability.  

When casting voice artist for my MMF ménage series, Polished, it was an immeasurable delight to hear my words spill from male lips.  The biggest compliment was to hear how natural the dialogue was. Though my male characters are very different from one another, the amazing actor playing Spencer and Jack, brought them to life in a way I could have only dreamed of. Forever imagining being a fly on the wall to witness males in their natural state, now all I have to do is pop in my ear buds!  It’s the closest I can get.

Big thanks to Boy Meets Boy Reviews for letting me drop by!  Give a listen to my guys (and a great girl) in my new audiobook Polished, an MMF Ménage Romance. Stream 6 chapters here to sample this book.  If you’re new to audiobooks, and fall in love the way I have, Audible will let you have the whole audiobook for free with a 30 day trial membership. Get the whole story!

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Alyssa is a multi-published author known for writing hot and emotional erotic romance with more than two characters intertwined. She writes ménage with and without BDSM elements and never spares her characters from a hard climb to HEA.  She can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Head to for more.

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