Review: Kairos by Mary Calmes

Sometimes the best day of your life is the one you never saw coming.

Joe Cohen has devoted the past two years of his life to one thing: the care and feeding of Kade Bosa. His partner in their PI business, roommate, and best friend, Kade is everything to Joe, even if their relationship falls short of what Joe desires most. But he won’t push. Kade has suffered a rough road, and Joe’s pretty sure he’s the only thing holding Kade together.

Estranged from his own family, Joe knows the value of desperately holding on to someone dear, but he never expected his present and past to collide just as Kade’s is doing the same. Now they’ve stumbled across evidence that could change their lives: the impact of Kade’s tragic past, their job partnership, and any future Joe might allow himself to wish for….

Short Calmes story gets a short review from the rambling redhead with minimal fangirling.

I love Mary Calmes.

I love the romances she gives us.

I love that she can give us one story about one couple but if you read between the lines and know the lineage of her work, the sum is always greater than the parts of the couple involved.

Now that I’ve said that.

I loved this story! Yes, I know it’s way too short but really anything from Mary is too short however, if you look at the romance, the story is complete.

I loved that we got to meet Kade and Joe long into their established friendship/partnership and Joe being head over heels for his best friend since forever. The banter between these two was fun and the way they both care about one another was beautiful. The UST between them was delicious and from the beginning, you can feel that there is more to how Kade feels than Kade lets on. But Kade’s actions speak just as loud as his words and they started to confuse my head and heart along with Joe’s.

The business with finding Declan, who belongs snuggled into someone’s pocket, really gave the story some meat and gave Kade and Joe to find their footing with one another. I mean, there is a lot that happens in this story with too few pages and it all happens in the span of one day. Yeah, you get your emotions tossed around to end up in a big fat pile of goo all in one day and it’s amazing.

The romance with Kade and Joe is on point for a Calmes romance. You have the fierce loyalty to one another, the protectiveness, the need to claim and the begging that I love and it all works perfectly. The first kiss with these two would have made me crumble from weak knees had I not already been in bed reading. It was perfect and swoony and hot. See. Totally a Calmes first kiss.

Now I know there were a few loose ends left blowing in the breeze with both Declan and Evan and I am hoping Mary has plans for them. Maybe even together because I could see Evan being the one to take care of Declan and Declan being able to grow and fly with Evan’s care. Just saying.

The name dropping ties into Chicago though… I may have had a small fantasy in my head where something comes up and all the Chicago couples collide? I mean, I know there’s a Valentines story with Ian, Miro and Sam and Jory so why can’t Kade and Joe and even Aaron and Duncan show up somewhere too?


I Loved it. This has all the classic Calmes tropes in it and Mary is a goddess.

I am so happy for Kade and Joe. Oh and Joe’s mom. For reasons when you read the book.

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