Review: Tufted & Tatted (Peckers #4) by Jacques N. Hoff

Freed from the Australian zoo where he was the subject of forced breeding experiments, Atticus makes his way to the tufted puffin grounds in California, only to find he may not be free after all. Atty is a loner, but he doesn’t want to fight the pull of a flighty surfer who gives his inked skin a pleasant, uncontrollable itch. 

Scott has the sun on his face, the waves beneath him, and gratitude for every second of life he gets to embrace. Then Atty appears, and it’s like the universe has tuned his meditation bell to the perfect frequency.

The Tiki Pro surfing competition in Florida is calling to Scott, and Atty agrees to make sure Scott gets there safely. A cross-country road trip in the Hunny Wagon seems like a perfect way to live in the present and get tantric all at the same time.

But they aren’t making this trek alone.

The Peckers series is really fun. I’ve been missing them and it felt like a long wait for the next installment. The Peckers are shifter fun so you shouldn’t expect a lot of world building or paranormal politics. The novellas are character driven and stick to the relationship of the two MC’s. Let all the serious go and just enjoy the bird puns, the horniness and the HEA.

Atty was introduced previously and I was hoping the authors would give us his story. He gets sprung from his puffin breeding program prison and Irwin and Mickey are there as part of the Undercover Peckers team to help get Atty started out in his new life of freedom. Atty can’t help but appreciate a bit of the irony when he spots his mate surfing as he’s regained his freedom and almost as quickly lost it to his mate. Which, of course, he’s totally fine with because Scott is a hot surfer and the whole horny mate thing.

Scott was an absolutely adorable and charming character. He suffers from anterograde amnesia since a car accident and has trouble remembering pretty much most everything new if he isn’t exposed to it repeatedly. Think 50 First Dates Lite. It could have been rather tragic, but Scott is such a positive, happy character with an attitude to be admired so the story steered clear of the maudlin and focused on the confidence Scott carried with him.

He did have a sense of loneliness about him that led to some of the sweetest moments. Because of Scott’s memory problems, he couldn’t fully process the whole “my BF is a shifter” thing. His brain wasn’t wired to be able to hang on to the information and go through the stages that humans seem to need to go through in the shifter tales to get to acceptance. Having no ability to create new memories kind of takes the wind out of those sails, so it added and interesting twist to the shifter dynamic. Atty was all about taking care of Scott and Scott was in awe of Atty’s attention. It as pretty freakin’ cute all the way around.

The lack of shifter world building aided this story well in that Atty’s decision for his future worked. You have to read it to see how the HEA happens for them, but I like that the door is left open to revisit the characters if the authors decided to treat us readers to more Scott and Atty. I certainly wouldn’t complain. The story is complete though and there is the introduction of a couple new character for future tales. I really need to find out what happens to Billy and Chuck. Billy needs his happy and an MC chicken named Chuck has gold written all over him.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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