Guest Review: Our Own Story by Lynn Michaels

Help can sometimes come where you least expect it. A gentle nudge from the mysterious beyond may be all one needs for a happily ever after.

When Tad Conway’s ex-boyfriend, Bobby, returns after a long absence, he realizes that there are certain things in the universe he can’t explain. Like spending the night in Bobby’s arms only to learn that he’d died months before and is most likely haunting him. Oh, and that Bobby may be pushing Tad into the arms of another man.

Drew Sinclair has had a major crush on marketing guru, Tad Conway, for the longest time. After Drew’s hired as an intern in Tad’s company, he gets his chance to show his stuff—in and out of the bedroom. As Tad and Drew get to know each other better and maybe developing feelings for each other, will Tad be able to let go of his past and move on to a future with Drew?

Reviewer: NeRdyWYRM

Heartwrenching and Heartwarming

It has to be hard to pull off a good balance of emotion with an MC grieving both a lost opportunity and a lost love. There are so many opinions on death and grieving and what people are supposed to do [eyeroll] that it has to be hard to walk a line there that won't get you virtually stoned ... and not in the potentially fun 'high' kind of way.

The author managed to accomplish that here. I also liked the paranormal twist to this title. For some reason, it seems like I've had a lot of ghost-haunted MCs lately. It's usually not my cup of tea because it often comes off as kind of hokey. But all the books I've read lately with that little trope-gem have actually been pretty successful, including this one.

falcor success

This story was well-written. The character development was excellent, the romance was believable, and the relationship made sense. The angst hovered around a medium to high level but was ultimately necessary to the plot, if a little aggravating. Tad's vacillation bothered me so I jettisoned a half a heart for his sometimes OTT contribution to the angst.

Still, I loved both of the characters, well, all three of the characters. I was especially pleased with Drew although the hero worship he had going on there for a while was a little off-putting. I got it, but it made his character feel younger than he really was maturity-wise. His character was too down-to-earth in the grand scheme of things to support the wide-eyed ingenue routine for long. And Bobby ... well, you'll have to read it. Bobby really explains himself, and I don't want to spoil it.

I will say that Bobby as the sort of third wheel added a lot to the story and I absolutely loved it when his angry side started showing due to his former lover's stubbornness. I think the author could have played with that a little more, but I was pleased with the resolution.

There really wasn't much, if anything, not to like. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a mostly feel-good contemporary romance with a slightly unbelievable (but still successful) paranormal twist.

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