Guest Review: Undercover by Lily Harlem

When two alpha males collide, sparks will fly.

Samuel’s job is to scrutinize the store’s customers and make sure everyone stays on the right side of the law. One sexy guy in particular has him not only hot under the collar, but filling his dreams and starring in his wildest fantasies. Yet, he can’t pluck up the courage to spark a conversation and find out if those lingering looks mean what he thinks they do.

Until, that is, a misdemeanor occurs giving him the chance to haul hot bloke into his office. The only trouble is, Samuel soon realizes he’s bitten off more than he can chew. This man isn’t going to take a reprimand lying down, no matter how much attraction is fizzing between them.

There’s only one thing for it and that’s to allow the heat between them to reach combustion point—even if it means switching, pushing boundaries and bending the rules. Undercover or not, burning desire and scorching lust can’t be ignored.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released as part of the Right Here, Right Now anthology with Pride Publishing.

3.25 Hearts

Reviewer: NeRdyWYRM

Oh-Bee Kay-Bee

What to say? What to say? Alright. Here it is. Jettison any expectations you have for this title. Suspend all disbelief. If you have a lazy eye or an astigmatism, put an eye patch on because the eyerolling is kind of epic. E-pic. As crazy as it sounds, it was still pretty damned entertaining.

epic eyeroll-undercover lily harlem review pics

I had to forget about looking at this title as a romance short and had to instead view it through my erotica glasses. That helped immensely. There is, after all, a Very Big Difference between the two. Without that little adjustment to my perspective, the Paul Blart rent-a-cop wanna-be MC was just Too Damn Much. I mean ... flexing your ass muscles? Really? A GRAPE?! Really?!

That said, for what was basically, in my humble opinion, PWP, it wasn't bad. Like I mentioned earlier, you have to suspend disbelief a little because there were just some serious yeah-the-fuck-right moments (at least for me). But it didn't stop this short from being a fun little romp even if it was more than a little OTT and flimsy in terms of plot.

It was a whole lot of hilariously entertaining to watch/read this ridiculously macho, highly egotistical poseur slightly reminiscent (in a real-life kind of way) of Ryan Foxheart's character—from TJ Klune's stellar Tales of Verania series—fold like a house of cards. Hell, I think that was half the fun. I wanted to take the guy down a few pegs. Kind of like this:

bend the fuck over-undercover review pics

Mm-hmm. Our other very put together MC knew just what he needed to do to take the hot air out of this vainglorious security guard who sort of drove me a little nuts. Now, without giving too much away ... it is a short story after all ... what was also cool about this little nugget was the fact that despite some of it's more obviously lesser charms, you could see that these two MCs actually could have some long-term potential if they were given the chance to shine in a full-length story. It would take a little bit of an overhaul of how at least one of the characters was portrayed because, I mean, come on! But still ... I could totally see it.

I can see it-undercover review pics

I think a successful short is one that has potential to translate to a more involved story. This one fits that criteria even though there are only so many good things I can say about it since it is severely limited by what it actually is.

So, if you want to be blown away by something unforgettably fantastic, this is probably not going to fit that mold. If you want something short, mindless, hot, and fun to pass a little time with, go for it.

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