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Bentley Williams never thought he’d hit rock bottom at 19-years-old. From top-rated college running back to homeless, girlfriend-less, UCLA dropout, Bentley can’t help but wonder if he’s making the right decision. Pursuing a career as a BMX rider likely means a life of struggling to afford groceries, but he can’t imagine doing anything else. The sport’s in his blood. After a visit to his uncle’s shop involves him flirting with the green-eyed new guy instead of looking for a new bike, Bentley ends up questioning himself even more.

Kit Edwards was used to being treated like a leper in his small hometown of Junction, Ohio. After foolishly getting involved with the closeted high school quarterback, he decides to move as far away for school as possible. UCLA is perfect – the weather is beautiful, his roommate isn’t crazy, and people couldn’t care less about his orientation.

People care so little that Kit finds himself in a flirting match with the unfairly attractive guy that wanders into the bike shop where he works. But, Kit refuses to go down that road again. Popular athletes were a no, and straight guys were a definite no. Bentley doesn’t seem interested in going away, and as a friendship forms, Kit promises himself he won’t make the same mistake twice.


Reviewer: NeRdyWYRM

Sexy-Sweet Fun

So I will admit that, at first, I thought these guys were so darned cute I wanted to reach into my phone app and pinch their imaginary cheeks (on their faces! Don't be pervy!). I was a little concerned that this was going to be one of those reads where I was a little skeeved by the ages of the MCs because, let's face it, I've got kids at or near college-age and that's a little ... ugh sometimes when reading romance about that demographic.

Thankfully, that concern was blasted away pretty much from the beginning because Bentley's character description was fantastically sexy. (So my type ten *cough*—okay, fine! Twenty—years ago). It also didn't hurt that the humor was quirky, slightly over-the-top (intentionally) and nothing but fun. We didn't get beat about the head and shoulders with 'too young' pop-culture references and the oh-my-god-is-that-even-english slingo was kept to a minimum.

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I fell in love with the MCs when they started their crazy text exchanges. I was already leaning that way, though, because they were just that lovable. Both of them. Each in their own, very different ways, but still. Lovable. Point in fact, one such text message from Bentley to Kit.

"[...] I'm just messaging you to say that I haven't been thinking about you at all today. Not one bit. And I don't even miss you. That's all. Later, Kitten."

Okay. Yeah. My idiot little sappy brain went, "Awwwww!" And after that, I was done. After that, the story just got more and more "Awwww!" inspiring. After that, I was infatuated and enthralled. Don't get me wrong, there was some low-level angst, and growing pains, and a few OMFG eyeroll moments but only because they were young. There was nothing that didn't feel real about their relationship, their reactions, their dialogue, their ... well, their anything.

I loved it. I hope this is the beginning of the story for these two. I thought I saw some foreshadowing in there, especially about a specific problem I think Bentley has tendencies for. Barring that particular in-my-fantasies plot-potential scenario, this story has legs. Period. I love that there is definitely enough of a foundation for another story as the real world and real life starts to put pressure on these guys' relationship. I hope we get to see it, even if I dread the potential pitfalls.

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So is this the end for Kit and Benny? I don't know. I hope not. This story can and does stand alone very, very well so maybe I'm just not ready to let them go. If there is another one forthcoming, I am absolutely all there ... with bells on.

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