Audiobook Review: Tramps and Thieves (Murder and Mayhem #2) by Rhys Ford

Whoever said blood was thicker than water never stood in a pool of it.

Retiring from stealing priceless treasures seemed like a surefire way for Rook Stevens to stay on the right side of the law. The only cop in his life should have been his probably-boyfriend, Los Angeles Detective Dante Montoya, but that’s not how life—his life—is turning out. Instead, Rook ends up not only standing in a puddle of his cousin Harold’s blood but also being accused of Harold’s murder…and sleeping with Harold’s wife.

For Dante, loving the former thief means his once-normal life is now a sea of chaos, especially since Rook seems incapable of staying out of trouble—or keeping trouble from following him home. When Rook is tagged as a murder suspect by a narrow-focused West L.A. detective, Dante steps in to pull his lover out of the quagmire Rook’s landed in.

When the complicated investigation twists around on them, the dead begin to stack up, forcing the lovers to work together. Time isn’t on their side, and if they don’t find the killer before another murder, Dante will be visiting Rook in his prison cell—or at his grave.

Narrator: Greg Tremblay
Listening Length: 7 hrs and 53 mins

One should be happy to know that there’s no sophomore slump here!

A couple months have passed, and Rook is trying to adjust. Adjust to his honest living. Adjust to his loving supportive relationship with his once sworn adversary, homicide detective Dante Montoya. He’s determined to go the lawful path and maybe, just maybe, he can finally put down roots and live happily ever after. The thing is, Rook’s past just won’t let him go that easily.

This is probably one of the the least “insta” of Ford’s creations, and I appreciated how the feelings have evolved between Dante and Rook over time. Full of vulnerability, insecurity, want and need, there’s nothing lacking here in the love and smex department. I liked how these men take care of each other, that despite being opposites in all the ways, they still connect where it counts in and out of the bedroom. Such a strong foundation is going to be needed, especially due to Rook’s illegal past that keeps knocking on his door, not to mention the rapid piling of dead bodies that just won’t quit.

What this also excels at is character development. Of course it never hurts to have Tremblay narrate. He’s the master at subtlety and accents, and as always, is just plain fabulous. Overall, I definitely wouldn’t say no to more of these flawed, fierce and loyal men, as well as the vibrant cast that supports them. Thankfully, this ends on a note that strongly hints that Ford has more in store for these two, and that's always a good thing!!!

Thank you to the author/publisher for the audio in exchange for an honest review

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