Audiobook Review: Buried Bones (Bones #2) by Kim Fielding

Werewolves don’t have a how-to manual—nor do men embarking on a new life together.

It’s been a few weeks since Dylan Warner wolfed out and killed Andy, the crazed werewolf who originally turned him and later tried to murder Chris Nock. Architect Dylan and handyman Chris are still refurbishing Dylan's old house as they work out the structure of their relationship. They come from very different backgrounds, and neither has had a long-term lover before, so negotiating their connections would be challenge enough even if Dylan didn’t turn into a beast once a month.

To make matters worse, Dylan’s house is haunted, and events from both men’s pasts are catching up with them. Dylan has to cope with the aftermath of killing Andy, and Chris continues to suffer the effects of a difficult childhood.

In his quest to get rid of the ghost, Dylan rekindles old friendships and faces new dangers. At the same time, Chris’s father makes a sudden reappearance, stirring up old emotions. If Dylan and Chris want to build a lasting relationship, they’ll have to meet these challenges head-on.

Listening Length: 8 hours
Narrator: John Solo

I loved Good Bones, it was a lot of story and great setup to the series. It ended on a pretty realistic and optimistic HFN. I mean as realistic as a story about a shifter and his new BF can be, but the relationship read realistically considering everything they’d been going through. Buried Bones gave me everything I wanted at the end of Good Bones.

Buried Bones has all measure of supernatural elements again and it answered some questions from Good Bones, but my favorite thing about Buried Bones is the development of the relationship between Dylan and Chris. They are an established couple by this time, but very newly established and they still had a lot of getting-to-know-you to do. As well, they are working on how they relate to one another as a couple. I appreciate that these guys actually talk and it reads so organically. John Solo does an excellent job of carrying on the conversations so the emotional balance is just right. Dylan and Chris both still have some insecurities and both want to take the next steps so they’ll go from dating to a forever commitment and the narrator gave all the subtle nuances in the conversations that caught all the emotions.

There are enough outside elements to fuel their growth together, between learning more about shifters, the haunting and a visit from Chris’s father, there is plenty to keep them occupied. In amongst all of that, the two of them are still renovating and I was happy the author didn’t skip over that in book 2. The renovation of Dylan’s house made it feel like they were building a house for their future and it just added to their relationship. The additional of Chris’s father gave some focus to Chris as an overall character as well. It could easily be more “Dylan-centric” with the whole werewolf thing and all, but both characters stay fully fleshed out and makes the story stronger.

I can’t wait to dive into Book 3. Ery is a great character and fingers crossed his Grandma will make an appearance as well. I felt like Dylan and Chris have a solid HEA at the end of Buried Bones, the narration does the book justice and this is a series that will be a reread/listen for me.

**a copy of this audiobook was provided for an honest review**

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