Anniversary Shenanigans: Mary Calmes Giveaway!


The Goddess O' Crack, Mary Calmes is here!  
And she brought presents!

Mary is a favorite here in the clubhouse and we love to gush and fangirl all over her as you can see in JL & Red's review of Late in the Day here and their review of You Never Know here

So, what did Her Majesty bring for you today? 

Hello all, so happy to be here on Boy Meets Boy Reviews and to help celebrate their 4 year anniversary. I’m giving away an ebook copy of Late In The Day, (just need to have a DSP account so I can put the book on your bookshelf), and an audiobook of You Never Know.

Late In The Day is the second book in The Vault series which is Conrad’s book who first appeared in Mine with Trevan and Landry. He’s also popped up in other books, as have people he knows so it’s basically a cameopalooza. Most importantly, after reading Conrad’s book, hopefully holes in others will be filled in. 

You Never Know is basically about coming home and finding out if your love is still there or not. I love the idea that certain things never change and that your first love could actually be the one. It’s a very romantic idea. Anything I write Greg Tremblay always makes improvements to and that is true of the audiobook. Greg is amazing. 

Good luck and happy reading, or listening. 

Late In The Day (ebook):

You Never Know (audio):

Twitter:  @marycalmes

Enter to win an ebook copy of Late in the Day and an audiobook of You Never Know!

 You guys are soooo lucky!  You don't even know!

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The giveaway is open until 12:00AM (EST) on 11/19/17. Shortly thereafter, we will contact a winner!

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  1. Jory and Sam, of course--they complement each other beautifully!


  2. Jin and Logan... They were my first

  3. My faves are Miro and Ian *swoon*

  4. My favorites will always be Jory and Sam. I have read their books over and over again and they always succeed in making me happy <3

  5. Quade and Roman. My first shifter story, a one sit read for me, and a story/couple I love to come back to.

  6. Angela:
    Weber Yates and Cyrus Benning from Frog. They are one of my all time favorite couples.

  7. Weber and Cyrus from Frog. They were the first couple by Mary that I read and started my journey into Mary's books.

  8. Jory and Sam. They were the couple that got me hooked on your books.

  9. Jory and Sam because they have such a great dynamic and balance each other so well. Followed by Rand and Steph and Jin and Logan.

  10. Cyrus and Weber (Frog)

  11. Miro and Ian, but a close runner up is Cyrus and Weber. I just loved the way their stories have developed.

  12. Miro & Ian because I love them together

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