Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - J.C. Long

Did someone order Mai Tais? Because author J.C. Long is bringing them for someone special. Well after he tells us an adorable tale about tutus! See his sweet flash fiction below!

Ryan looked from the pink tutu to his husband Mitchell and back again. “You’ve got to be kidding me, Mitch. You want me to wear this?”

“What’s wrong with that? We both know you’ve got the ass for it.” Mitch leered playfully at him. “You agreed to it. Unless you want to be the one to tell Dahlia that you’re going back on your word.”

Ryan huffed, though he knew he was already defeated. “Using our daughter against me is a low blow, man.” It was true, though; he’d agreed. He’d hoped that Dahlia would either forget about it or else decide she didn’t need it, though. She wanted to wear a tutu for Halloween, but was too embarrassed to go out trick-or-treating in it unless her daddies agreed to go in tutus as well. Who could say no to their kid like that?

“Daddies,” Dahlia called from her bedroom down the hall. “Hurry up! All the candy will be gone!”

Mitchell grinned. “You heard the boss. Get that sexy ass into that tutu.” As he spoke Mitchell pulled out his own. It was black.

“Wait a minute,” Ryan protested. “Why is yours black?”

“It was the only one in my size,” Mitchell said innocently, though Ryan somehow doubted that. “Besides, I think pink looks way better on you.” He flashed that devilish smile that he knew Ryan couldn’t resist. “Come on, you better get ready.”

Grumbling, Ryan stripped down until he was just in his underwear. Before he could pull the tutu on Mitchell handed him a pair of old-school briefs. “For support in the tutu,” he explained, though he couldn’t hide his smirk. Ryan rolled his eyes but complied.

He watched Mitchell dress out of the corner of his eye. Even in a big, fluffy tutu, he was sexy, the dark color contrasting perfectly against his skin. He was unashamed of his hairy legs or the hair on his chest and arms the tutu revealed. Seeing Ryan’s look, he struck a ballet pose.

Blushing, Ryan finished dressing. “I look ridiculous,” he muttered, looking at himself in the mirror.

“You look fabulous,” Mitchell said. “Come on, our daughter is waiting.”

The five year old Dahlia stood impatiently near the front door, her Halloween bag in her hands, her ballerina-slippered foot tapping impatiently. “There you are! Come on! I want candy!” She paused for a moment to smile up at them. “You look so pretty, daddies!”

And just like that, as she reached up to take his hand, Ryan knew it was all worth it. Smiling down at his daughter and then at his husband, Ryan reached for the door. “Come on, let’s go trick-or-treating.”

Adorbz, right? Let J.C. Long know what you thought of Dahlia's daddies in the comments below!

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Gabe Maxfield has reached a comfortable point in his life. His past troubles in Seattle are all but forgotten, he co-owns his own business, Paradise Investigations, with his best friend Grace Park, and he’s happy in his relationship with sexy cop—his neighbor—Maka Kekoa. Maybe the best part is, no one’s pointed a gun at him in weeks.

Knowing his luck, that is bound to change. Lack of clients and money forces Paradise Investigations to take a job helping Edwin Biers search for a treasure he promises will be worth their while. Gabe has a knack for finding trouble, though, and find it, he does.

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