Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - Erin McLellan

Welcome Erin McLellan to the clubhouse today! She's brought a crazy cute & sexy fic as well as a giveaway!

Vinnie and Blanche

Sometimes, my boyfriend was the most loveable tool. Like when he was on his twelfth selfie attempt with his dog, Blanche. His ninety thousand Instagram followers loved Blanche almost as much as they loved Vinnie’s Crossfit videos.
“Babe, time to get home,” I said, my voice rough.
He glanced up at me, his dark eyes full of heat, and Blanche licked his ear. Vinnie hitched his shoulder to wipe away the slobber.
“The light is perfect here.”
I snorted, but didn’t disagree. Even though I got to experience Vinnie’s muscles and tattoos and hot as fuck beard in living color every day, there were still moments when his Instagram thirst traps took my breath away.
He took my breath away. Simple as that.
He stood up and Blanche pranced around his legs before sidling up to me for head pats. I scratched behind the dog’s ears.
Vinnie caged me in against the wall. We were the only ones on the cafĂ©’s patio, and his sudden closeness made me lightheaded. I rested my chin on the top of his head. He sighed and pressed closer, his breath skimming my throat.
“What do you want to do at home?” he asked. Vinnie loved dirty talk, and I might be an uptight IT guy the majority of the time, but something about him made me unwind.
“First, we’d shower and I’d run my tongue over every inch of your skin.”
“What next?”
“I’d open you up, finger you and choke on your cock, just like you like.”
His breath was short now, his body hard against mine.
I gripped Vinnie’s hips and whispered, “Then, when you were about to bust in my mouth, I’d take you into the bedroom, pin you down, and—”
A cold, wet dog nose nudged my hand on Vinnie’s hipbone, and I about jumped a mile. Blanche wiggled until she was between us, happy to be the center of attention again. Vinnie laughed and ground his forehead against my collarbone.
“Good girl, Blanche,” I said, and she wagged her tail so hard her whole body moved.
I lifted Vinnie’s face with a touch to his chin. His expression was so soft and open. No one on Instagram ever saw him looking like that. I scrubbed a thumb across his lips.
“Race you home,” I said, before clipping Blanche’s leash onto her collar and taking off. He caught up with me before I’d even reached the street—he was much more athletic than me—but then he remembered that he’d left his dorky selfie stick on the table and had to jog back to get it.

I waited for him, his beautiful, cock-blocking dog at my side. I’d wait for him forever.

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Author Bio
Erin McLellan writes contemporary romance with characters that are complex, goodhearted, and sometimes a little quirky. She likes her stories to have a sexy spark and a happily ever after.
Erin has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Oklahoma State University and a master’s degree in library and information studies from the University of Oklahoma. A former public librarian, Erin still enjoys being surrounded by books and readers, but now she hopes to find her stories on the shelves as well.

Originally from Oklahoma, she currently lives in Alaska with her husband and spends her time dreaming up love stories set in the Great Plains. She is a lover of chocolate, college sports, antiquing, Dr Pepper, and binge-worthy TV shows.
Erin's newest release is Life On Pause from Riptide Publishing:
Niles Longfellow is a nerd, and not the trendy type of nerd, either. He wears a historically accurate homesteader costume to work every day, has a total of one friend, and doesn’t know how to talk to guys. So when he gets a flat tire and the hottest hipster ever stops to help him, all Niles can think is that he’s wearing his stupid cowboy getup. Normally, Niles feels invisible to other men, but he’d take that invisibility any day over Rusty Adams seeing him in suede and fringe.

Rusty moved to Bison Hills to help his sister raise her daughter, and nothing is more important to him than that. He’s also fresh off a breakup, and isn’t prepared for anything complicated. But then he meets Niles. Rusty sees Niles as more than a clumsy, insecure guy in a costume. He sees a man who is funny, quirky, and unexpected.

Nothing about their connection is simple, though, especially the lies and insecurities between them. Niles doesn’t know if he can trust Rusty with his heart, and when Rusty’s sister decides to move away, Rusty doesn’t know if he can stay behind.

Enter to win an ecopy of either Life on Pause or Controlled Burn. Giveaway ends 11/14 @ Midnight EST. Good luck!

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    Loved it!! Thank you for sharing

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