Review: Whitecott Manor by Emma Jane

Alistair Ellis is the proud gardener for beautiful fifteenth-century Whitecott Manor, in England's West Country. His life changes forever following a gas explosion at the manor, in which his boss—and love of his life—dies. However, his boss hasn't exactly gone for good and Alistair still finds himself involved in conversations with the deceased.

Circumstances improve when he meets Noah, the handsome dog groomer for the manor's new owners. Although there are some issues: Noah is already engaged and Alistair suffers from cynophobia—an acute fear of dogs!

This story has a quirky British flavour that I love. with a manor house, a ghost and dogs, quite frankly, what's not to love? Ammiright?

This story really was a joy to read. Alistair, the gardener of Whitecott Manor is gutted when his boss - and lover - is killed in a gas explosion... until he realises that Emmett (and that name, my British friends of a certain age, has to be heard only in Hyacinth Bucket's voice!) is still hanging around, seen only by Alistair. Despite him being a ghost and only a secondary character I really liked Emmett and his mother-henning of Alistair. Especially when he refuses to go when Alistair bonks his nephew in a bid to matchmake Alistair with someone better (Noah). I have to admit a small part of me wanted this to end up being an Alistair/Emmett love story. The other part of me though was more than happy with  the Noah relationship because Noah is lovely. He loved dogs, 'nuff said. Goodhearted, he was far too good for his wanker of a boyfriend and I'm glad he met Alistair. 

Written with a wit that I appreciated, and a cast of characters to love and hate, this book was great and I'm really looking forward to more by this author!

And just for those Brits of a certain age...

A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.

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