Review: Caught In Between (Daniel and Ryan #8) by Tamryn Eradani

As a natural extension of their last scene, Daniel and Ryan invite a third to join them for one night.

So when the idea of this book came up, of them moving forward this way I was worried because it didn't seem like Daniel would want to share Ryan and I was right. He doesn't want to share Ryan, he wants Ryan to share him and Ryan absolutely is on board with the idea.

Once again I am going to keep the review short as this is a serial installment and therefore short on pages.

Caught in Between shows the amazing character growth in Daniel and the amount of confidence Ryan has given him with their relationship. It’s not as if Daniel is shy in bed or never voiced what he wants but this side, this exploration is new and it’s sexy as hell.

For Daniel to fantasize about a one night threesome with Ryan calling the shots isn’t out of the norm but it comes to bug him with wanting and guilt. He knows if Ryan were to propose they take a third Daniel would feel as if he weren’t enough for Ryan and he doesn’t want to lose Ryan. But when he finally gives up and tells Ryan what he wants, he’s mildly shocked that Ryan instantly agrees. He shouldn’t have been. From the beginning Ryan has always known what Daniel wants without Daniel having to be vocal about it. That’s what I adore about these two when they are together, the nonverbal communication is so intimate and sensual it give me goosebumps at how well they work together.

You think I don’t want to watch someone else make a mess of you and then watch as you pull yourself back together for me? Because you know if I arrange for someone else to join us, then you won’t be giving either of us sloppy seconds. If you want two cocks, then you better be ready to give them both the attention they deserve.

I like how Ryan sets up the Daniel to meet the third and I have to say I LOVED who it was to the point I want more of him. Not more of him with Ryan and Daniel though I wouldn’t be opposed to that, I just clicked with him as a character and wouldn’t mind exploring him a bit more.

I am curious as always where, not when, the serial will end with Ryan and Daniel. They are headed in the direction of a kinky HEA but what I would love before it all ends is to just once, get Ryan’s POV. I know we get a lot of him through Daniel and I love how he sees Daniel but a man with so much control who can demand so much control just with his voice needs to tell me a few things.

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