Review: The Hot Floor by Jospehine Myles

Two plus one equals scorching hot fun.

Dumped by his boyfriend and reduced to living in a grotty bedsit, Josh Carpenter lives for his job as a glassblower. That and occasional glimpses of his sexy downstairs neighbours, Rai Nakamura and Evan Truman.

Whenever he overhears the diminutive academic and the hunky plumber having loud and obviously kinky sex, Josh is whipped into a state of frenzied lust… and a longing for a relationship like theirs.

To his amazement, Rai and Evan find his embarrassing tendency to blush utterly charming, and the three men grow closer over the course of the long, hot summer. Despite enjoying Rai’s charming flirtation and Evan’s smoldering gaze, Josh is determined never to do anything to split them apart.

However, when a naked Josh falls—quite literally—into the middle of one of Rai and Evan’s marathon sex sessions, the force of their mutual attraction takes over. But just as Josh dares to hope, he senses a change. If the three of them can’t renegotiate the rules of their new relationship, Josh risks losing their friendship—and any chance at love—forever.

Warning: Contains one well-endowed stud with a sexy accent, one improbably toppy bottom boy with an unfortunate owl obsession, and one blushing naïf who can’t believe his luck. Also, the occasional indulgence in mathematical spanking and some shameless armpit sex. Written in Jo’s usual exceedingly “English” English.

Bonus Christmas Hot Floor short story included in this edition!

Whenever Josh hears the hot kinky couple downstairs going at it, he can’t help but dream of joining in. When the opportunity presents itself to join Rai Nakamura and Evan Truman for some fun, Josh jumps right in. When the three men develop feelings beyond good sex, Josh needs to figure out how he fits in with the couple.

I’ll be entirely honest - my reason for picking up an MMM book is almost always because I’m looking for some dirty smut. I don’t read menage romances often, but usually I like them.

For me to buy a throuple, I have to really understand the motivations behind the three men letting go of jealousy and building a menage relationship. Unfortunately, ‘The Hot Floor’ didn’t do that for me.

The book started off well enough. I liked Josh. He was a bit of pitiful character, but I could understand where he was coming from. Sometimes life just kicks you down a few too many times. I wouldn’t say Josh is memorable, but he’s likeable.

Also, I’d probably be fascinated with a kinky couple that serenaded the entire building with their shenanigans as well.

Rai and Evan filled their roles as I’d expected - the small pushy twink, and the big burly top. The two exuded sex from the first page, so I was expecting some good smut when they got down and dirty with Josh.

‘The Hot Floor’ definitely delivers on the smut. There’s some spanking, mild D/s, humiliation kink, and bondage. Josh, Evan, and Rai certainly have sexual chemistry!


However, what I really didn’t get a good sense of was the emotional connection. Sure, the three men have hot sex and like each other, but I didn’t really feel romantic love between Josh and the existing couple.

I think part of the reason I didn’t get that real sense of a relationship is because the story is told entirely from Josh’s POV, so my understanding of Evan and Rai’s emotions was second-hand.

In the end, my impression was that I was told the three men were meant to be together as a couple, as opposed to actually seeing them build that relationship.

Overall, this was an okay read. There’s a lot of hot sex in this book, but I wanted more from the actual romance.

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