Review: Sharing Secrets by Matthew J. Metzger

Adam has a secret. But maybe Charlie has a few of his own.

Adam’s got a secret and nobody knows.

He’s promised himself never to get into relationships and risk revealing it, but Charlie Fielding has a way of getting under one’s skin. One party, one kiss and Adam is faced with a horrible choice—tell Charlie the truth or keep quiet. And either way, lose the only friends he’s had in years.

But Charlie might have a secret, too—and everybody knows but Adam.

"Nobody knows."

Matthew J. Metzger is a MUST read author for me, he is absolutely amazing,  yet he's one that I don't hear enough about and that's a real shame.

This book, like many of Metzger's, is YA - but it's real. The characters aren't some polished Hollywood version of teens, they are teens I can relate to and understand (despite my teen years being a loooong time ago!) Real proper characters. Adam and Charlie are just two unique characters that sold me their story in the first couple of pages. 

Many of Metzger's novels feature transgender characters, and this one is no different; the ups and downs and secrets and hurt aren't how you think they're going to be though. It's not straightforward, and it's not easy, but it's also compelling to read. To understand. To think about things in a different way than before.

I really don't want to spoil the storyline, so I'm being very vague. okay, so the storyline is absolutely compelling reading. I personally think this is the type of book that should be in school libraries, it covers diversity and illness/disability in the way it should; with a normalcy sadly lacking in many books. Adam, Charlie, Phoebe and Ollie are still teens doing teen things with teen worries. Give 'em a few years and they'd be adults doing adult things with adult worries... they just have another aspect to them. Adam and Charlie's are mayhaps a bit larger to deal with. 

I love how Metzger writes this but I'm struggling to put it into words without sounding ridiculous. Everyone is different. Everyone has things to deal with. Some are harder to cope with than others, but the people (characters) are still people and Metzger nails that. There are no caricatures in his literature.

The small town setting - the families, school, secondary characters - they all worked together to support the MC's and their story. It is a fantastic piece of work.

I absolutely think everyone should read this author. If YA isn't your thing then pick up another of his novels, but whatever you do check him out. He's very talented and this book was - IS - amazing.

A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I do find Matthew's books very real, I like the dialogue (helps that I am UK based too I think) and do feel I can relate even though I am no longer as young as most of his characters and havenot been through anything like the struggles they have. Will be getting this one!

  2. It's really worth it! Hope you enjoy it.