Review: Eighty-One Days by Zoë Mullins


Jenna was there to mend Luke’s heart after Eric left town. Now that Eric’s back, how long will it be before Jenna invites him to share her and Luke’s bed?

Eric didn’t know Luke would be heartbroken when he left town to join a hotshot forest fire crew in Western Canada. They’d been best friends since kindergarten, had gone to school together, had bought their first car and a home together and had shared their lovers. At some point, friendship had turned to love.

Luke didn’t expect, when he brought his crazy cat in for stitches, that his heart would be mended by the sassy new veterinarian. Jenna may have been new in town but she’d heard the rumors and she liked the carnal fantasies he spun for her in bed of he and his best friend sharing her.

Of course, that was before Eric’s job brought him home and back into their lives.

Jenna isn’t sure she can be what they need, but she’s not going to give up without a fight. Even if that means inviting the sexy firefighter to share their bed. Surely there is enough love to go around.

So the blurb for this story tells pretty much the entire backstory, and this story starts with Luke trying to maneuver his relationship with Jenna into a throuple with Eric. The only problem is, Eric hasn’t been around much in the last two years, so Jenna doesn’t know him well, and doesn’t quite understand the relationship between him and Luke.

This was an enjoyable menagé short. There were some gaps and problems but I think it was still sexy for a novella. At just over a hundred pages, this story is mostly based around Eric and Jenna getting to know each other, and the finer details of whether Jenna even wants to be in a poly relationship, or if she and Eric can develop a deep enough bond to give Luke everything he wants.

For the most part I thought the characters were all strong. Jenna really gave it a go when trying to develop that bond with Eric without forcing it. They had to find how they fit together, since the basis of their budding relationship was Luke.

I don’t think Luke really intended to find someone who would eventually share him with Eric, but probably subconsciously he went for someone who would be open to it. This endeared me to Luke. I really enjoyed him as a character and thought he was definitely worthy of having two people he loved come together for him and for each other.

The drama reinforced their commitment and I didn’t find it to be contrived. The story flowed well, and the issues I had were minor.

This was a sweet MMF story and I would love to read a full length novel from this author.

A review copy was provided.

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