Review: Finding Mr. Wright (Leaning N #2) by B.A. Tortuga

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including weddings. And misunderstandings.

Colorado wedding planner Mason O’Reilly lands a major contract: a two-hundred-guest wedding at the Leanin’ N Ranch, where his friends Ford and Stoney are working to provide a safe space for GLBT events. The Wright/Preston ceremony is a destination wedding, and as the grooms are from Texas, everything is done over the phone and email. There’s no way that could lead to trouble, right?


Oil tycoon Noah Wright isn’t happy about the impending disaster, but he admires Mason’s quick thinking and grace under pressure. And that’s not all he likes about the out-and-proud wedding planner. Even though Mason’s interested in Noah, his Mr. Right can’t possibly be a rancher from Dallas.

Can he?

What started as a rough business arrangement between the brother of the bride and the wedding planner turns into a beautiful romance. This was an easy read and a sweet addition to the Leaning N Series as well as the Dreamspun Desires line.

I loved that this starts off with the POV of Ford taking a phone call from Mason about a massive and expensive wedding to be held at the Leaning N. It was great to see how much Ford and Stoney have turned the ranch into a LGBT friendly event destination and how everyone at the ranch is doing.

This wedding, it’s a big deal for the ranch and it’s a massive opportunity for Mason’s business, Rustic Romance and the stress shows. When Mason gets to the ranch to arrange the final details for the groom and groom, he has a meeting with Noah Wright, the man footing the bill who lets the wrong or rather right pronoun slip and sets Mason in a tizzy. You see, no one decided to give a certain detail about Sammy in the Doug and Sammy wedding that Sammy Wright, is a girl. Ugh. Yeah. One heck of a mess up and while the bride's brother and bank for the wedding isn’t happy that this happened, Mason sets out to make everything perfect for the happy couple.

Told in the dual POV’s of our MC’s we get to see how each man handles the gender mix up and how both of them truly want the best for Sammy on her big day. Noah will do anything for his baby sister down to last minute additions to her wedding that allow him to offer himself as a driver with Mason to pick up the items out of town. This little trip also allows the men a bit of time to get to know one another.

Now, I read Commitment Ranch directly before reading this as a few reviews mentioned Mason was in the book and I wanted to meet him there first. But I never met Mason in book one, only Andy who was Ford’s friend who organized the open house at Christmas for the Leaning N. I don’t know if my copy was different or Andy is now Mason? I am not sure but at first it bugged me and then once I got to know Mason, I took him for a brand new character who worked well with the men on the Leaning N and moved on.

So, anyway. At first meeting, Mason and Noah have an attraction though it’s pure frustration as well but when the wedding is officially over, when Noah is no longer a client and they can’t blame the whiskey kisses on anything but themselves, they get intimate.

The flame between them just burned hot. It made sense, he supposed, because no amount of skyping and mutual masturbation would replace this. This was real. Not just the sex, but the being together, reinforcing all the things they knew about each other.

I will say intimate about their relationship because while yes, it’s sexual we get more intimacy with these two as most of their time is not spent together. How can it be when they both have businesses in different states where they are needed? But regardless of distance, the men want to be in each other’s lives and are willing to make it work. That doesn’t mean it will be easy.

Mason is a true romantic and it was nice to see Noah romancing the pants off of him, literally. These two fall fast for one another but distance is a bitch and when Mason comes home to Texas, Noah’s family turns into monsters. Well, maybe just Noah’s Momma but Noah kind changes when they go back too and that changed the book happiness for me. I didn’t like who Noah was back home and I didn’t like how Mason just rolled over and took it. I thought Noah needed way more groveling for Mason to be okay and Noah’s family went from “You can be gay somewhere else just not here” to totally accepting him being with Mason and they “Just want him happy?” We want families to be like that but I don’t downshift that fast to accept his family's acceptance or his with their sudden flip of personality.

The end was tied up nice, quick and satisfactorily with a bit Ford and Stoney again. So I am good with that.

But good lord, if the author is planning on keeping this a series I think Geoff needs a fucking epic romance with someone feeding him vegan desserts under a canopy of lights with a soft summer breeze. Please give that man a man to love and one who thinks Geoff hangs the moon. Thanks.

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