Guest Review: Broken Pieces by Ruby MacIntyre

Clint is a young but respected alpha of the Tillamook Pack, and he’s content with the life he’s built for himself after his tragic past. But after his son tells him of an omega being chased into their territory, Clint jumps into action, unaware of how his life is about to change.

Julian finally escaped from his abusive alpha, but the betas are hot on his tail. He has little hope of escaping, until a huge, black alpha wolf charges to his rescue. But there’s one problem--Julian doesn’t trust any alpha, no matter how kind or different Clint seems.

Julian hates alphas after what was done to him. Clint knows and understands Julian’s feelings, so why can’t he seem to stay away from the fiery omega? Julian doesn’t get why his wolf wants to submit to Clint, or why he’s so angry when Clint seeks affection elsewhere. Surely he doesn’t want the alpha’s attention...right?

Reviewer: R *A Reader Obsessed*

First things first. In the realm of ABO, I was very satisfied with what I got here. However, when it came to the romance aspect and how I like my main couples to develop their relationship, there were a few niggles that might bother some readers.

To sum things up, this is a shifter universe focusing on wolves. Here, omegas are highly coveted pack members and are strongly protected by many rules and regulations. Somehow though, Julian had fallen through the cracks and was given no chance to thrive and be pampered like the precious pack member he is. Instead, his cruel alpha Leo, ignored the law, treating those under his rule and Julian as his personal minions. One day though, Julian escapes and luckily finds himself under the protection of alpha Clint, who only wants to see Julian safe and happy. Of course, it’s going to take a lot more than a magic peen to do that right? Wrong.

Now this is where the story kinda devolves into a bit of silliness. Total insta-lust with barely controllable urges is not surprising at all. Throw in some mis/no communication and there was the occasional eye rolling as these two go back and forth thinking the other doesn’t want him. For those sticklers about fidelity, there are a few instances that might not sit well with some… Warning: Clint is kinda a man whore with a plausible, but not necessarily great reason, and he has relations with other people and that includes both sexes, before these two finalize their bond and feelings. And to top it all off, the grammatical errors seemed to increase as the story progressed.

However, as I’ve said, this is ABO, and I forgive a lot when it comes to this trope. Heck, I think I forgive a lot when it comes to shifters in general. Definitely, some unique biologic aspects and shifter dynamics are portrayed here that made things interesting, and though we don’t get a lot of smexy, what we got was very well done. This includes KNOTTING and a certain level of dirtiness that can only come with this trope that made me squirm (but in a good way). As a warning, there’s a secondary plotline at play involving abused and missing omegas, and though Julian and Clint end on a strong note, the overall story finishes on a cliffhanger.

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this, as it had plenty of twisty feels and a decent amount of smexy smex. Of course, I would’ve loved more but that’s just my greedy self being greedy. Make no mistake, despite the above niggles, this caught my interest, and I very much look forward to the sequel!

Thanks to the author for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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