Review: The Other Five Percent by Quinn Anderson

Logan Vanderveer has a joke he’s been telling since college: he’s ninety-five percent straight. He did some experimenting in school, but none of the men he fooled around with inspired him to abandon “the plan”: meet a nice girl, get married, and settle down, just like his parents always said.

None of them except Ellis Floyd, who aroused desires and feelings that scared Logan. So much so that he abandoned their burgeoning relationship just as it might have become something. But four years later, Ellis is back, and Logan finds himself questioning his sexuality in a big way.

Ellis doesn’t fit into Logan’s plan. He’s happy being a starving artist, whereas Logan has sold his soul to corporate America. Ellis is ripped jeans, and Logan is tailored suits. And, most notably, Ellis is out. But seeing him again is dredging up memories—like how it feels to kiss Ellis, and that time they almost went all the way. With chemistry like theirs, Logan isn’t sure he can—or should—keep ignoring the other five percent.

Logan and Ellis have history only Logan can't remember all the details. One day at the local Starbucks he hears him and has a visceral reaction then tries to flee. Ellis is having none of that instead offering up a coffee let's get together and catch up date.

As the story unfolds it becomes clear that Logan and Ellis' versions of their shared history are very dissimilar. The human psyche is a strange thing and Anderson illustrated well how people have a tendency to bend the truth where unpleasant memories or cognitive dissonance are concerned. Nevertheless, as much of a flibbertigibbet as Logan is I still found him charming and earnest.

He tells this story and his vision of himself is heterosexual with 2.5 kids, white picket fence, a wife and a dog but Ellis is that 5% that's not completely straight and that scares Logan. Anderson did a great job with this internal struggle, of redefining one's self-image as queer and all that that encompasses.

These characters are well constructed with Ellis being a free-spirited hipster who lives life on his terms, eschewing the corporate path and Logan embracing it along with his beloved briefcase and 9-5 job with benefits. They seem to compliment each other well despite all their differences and they have chemistry. I think I would've appreciated Ellis' perspective though.

What I thought could've been better were the transitions-Logan's transition from wanting to avoid Ellis at all costs to seeking him out, his acceptance of his bisexuality and then pursuing Ellis all of which would've benefited from more exposition and page time; it seemed rushed and I hate to say easy but there's not a lot of angst or really working things out. However it's a sweet romance that reeled me in and I invested in them and their coupltry.

The secondary characters are few but Logan's sisters were a riot and I liked how supportive they were and even helped Logan see what was right in front of his face.

If you're looking for a second chance romance with a sweet HEA give this a try.

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