Review: All In (Wild Cards #3) by Ava Drake

In crime, like in love, there can be no half measures….

Fashion model Zane Stryker needs money—badly. At almost thirty, his glory days are behind him, and he needs capital to start over. When his luggage is switched with a bag containing contraband he’s forced to deliver, it’s either the worst thing that’s ever happened to him… or the best.

Enter Sebastian Gigoni, formerly of the British Special Forces, who has to decide just where Zane’s loyalty lies and why. Sizzling attraction erupts between them, but that doesn’t mean they can trust each other. They double down in a race for their lives—and their love—but are their purposes at odds? As they struggle to reconcile their goals, their consciences, and the needs of their hearts, one thing is clear—they must go all in or give up altogether.

It’s a sad day in the reading life of this ginger when a Dreamspun book falls flat.

I can pinpoint one exact thing that didn’t work for me with this one as I loved the first book in the Wild Card series but I couldn’t find that certain something to draw me into this one.

I never felt a connection to neither Zane nor Sebastian and honestly kept mixing up who they were as their names didn’t fit the character and to me should have been switched. There was no chemistry to be had between the two men and the storyline of the hijacked luggage and crime origination bored me to the point I skimmed a good portion of this book.

For me, when you have a series like this it should be an easy read but I so struggled with this book and that makes me sad. The first kiss is one of my most favorite things in romance and when I got to this one, they could have been exchanging coupons in line at the grocery store it was so void of emotion.


That end was over the top insta love and this is coming from someone who digs insta love.
I won’t drag the book through the mud and just say, this one didn’t work for me at all.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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